2012 Winter Court Season

Legend of the Five Rings – 2012 Winter Court Tournament Season

As you all know, AEG is dedicated to a year round continuous, vibrant tournament season that promotes player interaction, travel, and exciting games between players.

This year is going to be no different, and we are bringing you the best Winter Court Season yet.

Below you will find the link that will take you to the 2012 Winter Court Application; you will be required to fill out ALL the information in the application. The application process will take place from June 16th, 2012 until July 15th, 2012. On July 30th, 2012 we will announce the season in full, and the Events Calendar will be updated to reflect the Winter Court Tournament Season.

The Winter Court Tournament Season this year will take place from September 1st, 2012 until December 31st, 2012.

Fill out the Winter Court Application HERE

Now, onto the Winter Events. This year, the Winter Court Season will be made up of the following:

  • Stronghold Store Level 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 Storyline Events - these are events run exclusively through Stronghold Stores across the world, and give players a chance to impact the story of Legend of the Five Rings in many different ways.
  • Name A Card Events – These events give the winner the ability to name a card associated with the event, which will appear in a future L5R expansion.
  • Winner’s Choice – These tournaments this year will allow the winners to choose a character associated with their clan who will discover the fate of several heroes from the Destroyer War.
  • Unique Storyline Events - These are special events awarded to outstanding applications. They are unique, special storyline events that will have a significant impact on one or more aspects of the game. These will not be revealed until the Winter Court Season draws closer in September.
  • Jeweled Events – The Amethyst, Emerald, Ivory, Jade, Obsidian, Onyx, Ruby, Topaz and Turquoise Championships give the opportunity to their respective winners to further influence the Jeweled Offices of the Empire, and to tip the balance of power between the Colonies and Rokugan.
  • Zone Championships – GenCon (North American Championships 2012), World Championships (Barcelona, Spain), South America Championships, and PacRim Championships.

Stronghold Store Events

This year we have increased our support of the Stronghold Store Program in a lot of ways, and we have 5 different storyline events for different levels, each with a different impact and on the Legend of the Five Rings story. Below is the title for each event, which will receive specific prize support unveiled in the near future.

  • Level 1 Global Storyline Tournament – “Hunt for the Dark Naga”
  • Level 5 Global Storyline Tournament – “Mysteries of Fudoism”
  • Level 10 Storyline Event – “Rebuilding the 10,000″
  • Level 15 Storyline Event – “Legacy of the Toturi Dynasty”
  • Level 20 Storyline Event – “Design a Stronghold”
Country City Name E-Mail AEG Forum Handle Date Notes
United States Burlington, VT Benjamin Higgins daidoji.ryushi@gmail.com Daidoji Ryushi 9/8/12 Winner’s Choice
Poland Szczecin Przemyslaw Wawer p.wawer@socket.pl horror 9/29/12 Winner’s Choice
United Kingdom Worcester Azrael Johnston azraelj@hotmail.co.uk DarkFallenAngel 12/15/12 Winner’s Choice
United States Castro Valley, CA Carlos Rentas crentas76@yahoo.com C 12/15/12 Winner’s Choice
United States South Sioux City, NE Bob Yager bobyager@alliancecom.net Hida Yagimaki 9/1/12 Winner’s Choice
United States West Babylon, NY Eric Devlin saberinc@optonline.net motoeric 9/1/12 Name A Personality
United States Montclair, California Jamie Vann jdvann09@gmail.com Shinjo Atreyu 11/3/12 Name A Holding
Canada Verdun, QC Mauro Bongiovanni gamekeeperverdun@gmail.com gamekeeperverdun 9/2/12 Winner’s Choice
United States Cincinnati, OH Heath Scheiman hscheiman@gmail.com hscheiman 9/8/12 Name A Follower
United States Provo, UT Ashley Aedo sarcastic.muppet@gmail.com sarcasticmuppet 9/15/12 Name A Spell
United States Manhattan, KS Don Eisele quixote@toysmakeuspowerful.com quixote 9/15/12 Name A Personality
Iceland Reykjavik Gunnar Traustason comal@itn.is Togashi Komhl 9/15/12 Name A Holding
Singapore Singapore Alvin Yeoh alvinycy@gmail.com Evilmerlin 9/15/12 Name An Item
Canada Burnaby, BC Kevin Ho Gogomuplexee@gmail.com Nivek 11/17/12 Name An Item
United States Minneapolis, MN Benesh Gillin Benesh.Gillin@gmail.com goreshde 9/22/12 Winner’s Choice
United States Bloomington, IN Ash Hilligoss btstore@gamepreserve.com Savreth Lemange 9/22/12 Name A Celestial
Canada Hamilton, Ontario Rick Hubber hidahubber@hotmail.com hidahubber 9/23/12 Name A Holding
Thailand Prakanong, Bangkok Chris Sanderson chris@amwso.net khunkwai 9/29/12 Winner’s Choice
United States Knoxville, TN James Donnithorne-Tait jdt@metaswitch.com Shiba Samoshii 10/6/12 Name An Event
Argentina Rosario, Santa Fe Javier Espana maggical@gmail.com Maggical 10/6/12 Winner’s Choice
New Zealand Hamilton Chris Bridgeman chrisb@bci.co.nz Matsu Kurisu 10/13/12 Name A Follower
United States Tulsa, OK Steve Martino snmartino@hotmail.com Kakita Calen 10/20/12 Treasures of the Oracles: Fire
Ireland Dublin Eoin Burke eoin.thomas.burke@gmail.com HidaO-Win 10/27/12 Treasures of the Oracles: Void
United States Loveland, CO Jason Keen kakitakeen@gmail.com Kakita Keen 10/27/12 Winner’s Choice
United States Glenside, PA Robert Martin robertbmartin@hotmail.com menothsfire 10/28/12 Bonds of Coin
United States Portland, OR Mike Petke mdpetke@comcast.net mdpetke 11/3/12 Name A Celestial
Puerto Rico San Juan Luarie Rolon lotc@coquilegion.org Isawa Kitsune 11/3/12 Name A Spell
United States Jacksonville. FL Duane Boyd sunshinesentinel@gmail.com Daner sama 11/3/12 Winner’s Choice
United Kingdom London Michael Couldwell michael.couldwell@ntlworld.com Mantis Mike 11/10/12 Return of the Grand Master
United States Green Bay, WI Pat Fuge l5r@gnomegames.com Gnome Games 11/10/12 Winner’s Choice
United States Tempe, AZ Benjamin Vanderveer star_voyage2001@yahoo.com horizonshard 11/10/12 Name A Spell
Belgium Brussels Outpost Brussels bernardo@outpost.be OPB 11/10/12 Winner’s Choice
United States Charleston, SC Roy Grantham dracon1s@yahoo.com Draco 11/10/12 Name An Item
France Roulans Ludovic PETERS ludo_p2003@yahoo.fr ludo sparrow 11/17/12 Treasures of the Oracles: Water
United States Ashburn, VA Tim Eck teck@darkglade.net Onor 11/17/12 Name A Personaltiy
Poland Gliwice, Silesia Roman Sadownik a.z.a.t.h.o.t.h@gazeta.pl a.z.a.t.h.o.t.h 12/1/12 Treasures of the Oracles: Air
United States San Antonio, TX Risa Morales risa@dlair.net kizume 11/24/12 Name A Follower
United States Londonderry, NH Angela DiTillio Hicks MochaRose_81@yahoo.com Tsuruchi Rose 12/1/12 Treasures of the Oracles: Earth
United States Cedar Rapids, IA Jeff Vandenberg jeffvandenberg@gmail.com jeff_vandenberg 12/1/12 Name A Holding
United States Albuquerque, NM Joshua Allred twinsunscomics@gmail.com Yasuki Brotaka 12/8/12 Name A Strategy
United States Meridian, ID Scott Brashier info@phoenixfiregames.com Ouroboros3x3 12/15/12 Winner’s Choice
Australia Burwood Jaime Lawrence jmplawrence@yahoo.com.au Hida Mann 12/22/12 Winner’s Choice



Name a Card Events – 20 events

With this series of tournaments, players across the world will get a chance to name one of every card type currently legal in the L5R CCG! For these events, AEG will send a base level prize kit for support; international TOs please remember that if we ship directly to you, shipping costs will be incurred at your expense.

  • Name a Celestial (Two Events)
  • Name an Event (One Event)
  • Name a Region (One Event)
  • Name a Holding (Three Events)
  • Name a Personality (Three Events)
  • Name a Strategy (One Event)
  • Name an Item (Three Events)
  • Name a Follower (Three Events)
  • Name a Spell (Three Events)

Winner’s Choice – The Saga of Heroes – 10 events

The Winner’s Choice this year will allow players to choose two personalities. The first is a currently legal personality from the Clan they won the event with; the second can be any personality from any faction from the list below, who was alive during the Celestial Arc. The first personality will discover what the ultimate fate of the second personality was, and Matsu Kasei, the Turquoise Champion, will write an epic story chronicling the fate of the heroes from the Celestial Arc. For these events, AEG will send a base level prize kit for support; international TOs please remember that if we ship directly to you, shipping costs will be incurred at your expense.

The personality list of Heroes from the Celestial Arc is as follows:

  • Crab
  1. Hida Benjiro
  2. Hida Ikarukani
  3. Hida Kosho
  4. Hiruma Todori
  5. Kuni Kiyoshi
  • Crane
  1. Asahina Beniha
  2. Daidoji Akagi
  3. Daidoji Gisei
  4. Kakita Kensho-in
  5. Daidoji Yachiro
  • Dragon
  1. Kitsuki Yodo
  2. Mirumoto Hojatsu
  3. Mirumoto Kalen
  4. Tamori Wotan
  5. Togashi Kazuki
  • Lion
  1. Akodo Areru
  2. Akodo Seiichi
  3. Ikoma Hagio
  4. Matsu Benika
  5. Matsu Fumiyo
  • Mantis
  1. Moshi Kalani
  2. Tsuruchi Gidayu
  3. Tsuruchi Shisuken
  4. Yoritomo Eihiko
  5. Yoritomo Utemaro
  • Phoenix
  1. Agasha Kokiden
  2. Asako Bairei
  3. Isawa Ochiai
  4. Masakazu
  5. Shiba Ikuko
  • Scorpion
  1. Bayushi Jutsushi
  2. Bayushi Hisoka
  3. Shosuro Nishu
  4. Soshi Miroki
  5. Yogo Rieko
  • Spider
  1. Chuda Mishime
  2. Daigotsu Chaozhu
  3. Daigotsu Gahseng
  4. Moto Yuudai
  5. Yoritomo Aranai
  • Unicorn
  1. Ide Kin
  2. Moto Jin-sahn
  3. Shinjo Dun
  4. Utaku Fujiko
  5. Utaku Yu-Pan
  • Unaligned
  1. Kayomasa
  2. Kincho the Sixth
  3. Pokku
  4. Seppun Tashime
  5. Tamago

Unique Storyline Events – 7 events

These are special storyline events awarded to outstanding Winter Court applications, and will be revealed closer to the beginning of the season. These events are entitled to a card representing the victory of the winner, and will impact and effect the storyline of Legend of the Five Rings in different ways. Keep checking back as the Winter Court draws closer!

  • Bonds of Coin” – A storyline tournament to shape the fate of Yasuki Jinn-Kuen’s son, including which sect of the Kolat he will become Master over.
  • Treasure of the Oracles: Air - A storyline tournament to determine which Clan will discover the location of, and obtain, the Shakuhachi of Air.
  • Treasure of the Oracles: Earth – A storyline tournament to determine which Clan will discover the location of, and obtain, the Anvil of Earth.
  • Treasure of the Oracles: Fire – A storyline tournament to determine which Clan will discover the location of, and obtain, the Yumi of Fire.
  • Treasure of the Oracles: Void – A storyline tournament to determine which Clan will discover the location of, and obtain, the Seeds of the Void.
  • Treasure of the Oracles: Water – A storyline tournament to determine which Clan will discover the location of, and obtain, the Daisho of Water.
  • Return of the Grand Master - This storyline tournament focuses on the return of the Grand Master of the Elements, and will focus on who will be his yojimbo and first apprentice.

Jeweled Championships

The Jeweled Championships this year will see the various Jeweled offices calling upon exceptional samurai, both from the Colonies and the Empire, to become advisors for the Champions. Also, these advisors will be highly regarded by the Champions, and will have a direct influence on where the Champions will show a majority of their support in the coming months. As a reminder, these events are not open for application.

Event Date Location TO TO E-Mail
Ruby January 19th, 2013 Sheffield, UK Manolis Trahiotis mantrah@hotmail.com
Emerald September 15, 2012 Sacramento, CA Bryan Reese breese@alderac.com
Turquoise October 27, 2012 Baguio City, Philippines Terence Chan togashiterry@hotmail.com
Ivory October 27, 2012 Atlanta, GA Chris Stevenson chris@strangeassembly.com
Onyx September 29, 2012 Feeding Hills, MA Eric Devlin saberinc@optoline.net
Amethyst November 10-11, 2012 Athens, Greece Manolis Trahiotis mantrah@hotmail.com
Obsidian November 17, 2012 Santiago, Chille Miguel Angel Ullivarri valdiviaimport@gmail.com
Jade December 8, 2012 Madrid, Spain Pablo G. Rojo pablog.rojo@gmail.com
Topaz December 29, 2012 Chicago, IL Mike Colson damnukids@gmail.com

Zone Championships

The Zone Championships take place regionally across the world and represent the highest level tournaments for L5R, which also includes the World Championships. Here is the information for the Zone Championships, and more will be revealed involving storyline interactions as the Winter Court Season draws closer. As a reminder, these events are not open for application.

  • North American Championships - GenCon Indy (Indianapolis, IN, USA) August 16th – 19th
  • World Championships – Barcelona Spain, October 12th – 14th
  • South American Championships - Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 3rd
  • PacRim Championships – Melbourne, Australia, November 24th

Make sure to check back often for updates of information, story prize wins, and reveals of the unique events for the season. We’re making this our best Winter Court yet, and we hope you all agree with us!

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail events@alderac.com