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Small Choices

By Shawn Carman, December 29, 2012 Comments Off Story

The final installment in the saga of Uesuko, a simple woman trying to make a life in the Second City.  

A few good bans

By Bryan Reese, December 24, 2012 Comments Off CCG, Events

Every once in a while, corrective measures need to be taken in order to correct problems in the environment. The current environment has some problems, speed being one of them, that we have chosen to correct by banning the following… Read More »

Scenes from the Empire

By Shawn Carman, December 23, 2012 Comments Off Story

A quartet of scintillating scenes from the Empire and its Colonies!  

By Daniel Briscoe, December 21, 2012 Comments Off CCG

Dear all, When we set out to do our 10,000th Card contest, we wanted it to be a grand celebration of what you, the players, have allowed us at AEG to achieve. The culminating moment of this celebration was a… Read More »

10K Card: The Celestial Court Facebook Winner!

By Daniel Briscoe, December 20, 2012 Comments Off CCG

Dear L5R Fans, We have our winner for the 10K Card Facebook contest! Congratulations to Mark Saracanlao, you are the lucky winner! Make sure to check back tomorrow to see who the luck winners are to receive a full set… Read More »

Annual AEG Holiday Break

By Nicolas Bongiu, December 17, 2012 Comments Off Online Store

Dear AEG Fans, With the Holiday season in full swing, our offices (and ourselves) are  getting ready for the annual Holiday Break and will be closing operations on December 21st. While you can continue to order from our Online Store… Read More »

Scions of the Colonies, Part 2

By Shawn Carman, December 16, 2012 Comments Off Story

Far from Rokugan, the samurai of the Great Clans conspire against one another in ever-tightening circles, and the threat of simmering hostility bursting into the flames of war grows more present with each passing day.  

Unexpected Allies, 4th Edition

By Nicolas Bongiu, December 14, 2012 Comments Off RPG

In the tradition of the original Unexpected Allies sourcebook, published for the Legend of the Five Rings Role-playing Game, First Edition many years ago, we proudly announce a new contest for fans of the L5R RPG 4th Edition, and for… Read More »

By Daniel Briscoe, December 13, 2012 Comments Off CCG

L5R Fans, The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! Starting today, you can go to the Koku Redemption page via your Imperial Assembly account, and you can turn in your 10,000 Koku for an exclusive, nicely framed, set of all… Read More »

By Nicolas Bongiu, December 12, 2012 Comments Off CCG

The Story In the age before man rose to dominance in the mortal realm, the children of Lady Sun and Lord Moon laughed and played among the Heavens. The sons and daughters of Amaterasu and Onnotangu, the ten Kami called… Read More »