2012 World Championships Results!

Hello L5R Fans,

This past weekend, the 2012 L5R World Championships took place in Barcelona, Spain – and we have the results!

The Ruby Tournament – ‘The Threat in the Wastes”

Winner: Gunnar Traustason – Dragon

Go Master Tournament

Winner: Damien Maisonneuve – Mantis

Costume Contest – “The Governor’s Mediator”

Winner: Fernando Arsuaga – Unicorn (his costume, however, was an Otomo)

Invitational – “The Secret of Crystal Wind”

Winner: Juan Palomo – Crab

Second Chance – “Secrets of the Brotherhood”

Winner: Tobias Lundmark – Phoenix

Main Event – Scion of the Colonies

Winner: Johan Sliva – Crab

Top of Clan for the Main Event:

Crab – Johan Sliva – Kasuga Aizawa
Crane – Adrián Aragón – Suzume Shindo
Dragon – Alberto Vazquez – Usagi Seki
Lion – Jorge García – Morito Inoue
Mantis – Andre Rinn – Heichi Tochiko
Phoenix – María Pérez – Tonbo Inuyama
Scorpion – Jean-Marc Molinié – Refuses an alliance
Spider – Fransico Gallego – Toku Saiga
Unicorn – Carlos Sáez – Komori Miyano
Unaligned – Jack Murray – Ichiro Otani

Pictures of all the winners will be forthcoming form the event – keep an eye out and be looking forward to the storyline ramifications of these choices! And a special thank you to all the organizers, players, and artists that came to Barcelona to make the 2012 World Championships such a great event. You’re all what makes L5R the game it is. Utz!




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Daniel Briscoe is the Core Games Marketing Lead for Players at AEG. He is also the Events Manager, and handles the interaction between players and AEG's games. In a word: Awesome.