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By Bryan Reese, September 30, 2013 Comments Off Oracle of the Void

Dear Samurai of Rokugan, The Oracle of the Void has been updated! Now you may search the Oracle of Errata, MRPs, Bans separately! Also, you may now search the Notes field for information! Enjoy these changes and look for for… Read More »

By Bryan Reese, September 17, 2013 Comments Off Oracle of the Void

Samurai of Rokugan, It is with great excitement that I announce the latest update to the Oracle of the Void: Proxy Printing! Now, when you export a list you have made, such as a list of cards you need for… Read More »

Torn Asunder on the Oracle

By Nicolas Bongiu, February 19, 2013 Comments Off Oracle of the Void

L5R Players, The entire Torn Asunder set is now available on the Oracle of the Void so have fun creating your decks and decklists in preparation of the 2013 Kotei Season!

Server upgrade complete

By Bryan Reese, March 9, 2012 Comments Off Oracle of the Void

We apologize for the delays and slowness over the past week or so as the upgrade was being completed, but it is now done. For those of you who have not yet done so, check out It is now… Read More »