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By Seth Anthony, December 8, 2014 Comments Off CCG

First off, 2015 L5R Holiday Boxes are shipping and Santa will be delivering your L5R Holiday Boxes soon.  The Holiday Boxes have already started shipping, with the first wave already arriving to some homes to be put under the tree… Read More »

By Joshua Githens, December 5, 2014 Comments Off CCG

Twenty Festivals information has been posted on the Twenty Festivals Product Page. The Release Date is still pending, but we have put some up some great art from the set.  We are extremely excited for this set to kick off our 20th… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, December 3, 2014 Comments Off CCG

This is just a reminder that on Friday, December 5, 2014, at 7 AM Pacific Time, the Cards for Koku offering will be updated with cards from A Line in the Sand. Make sure to log on and pick up… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, December 1, 2014 Comments Off CCG

The L5R 2014 Holiday Pack started to ship last week. The AEG Customer Service team was hard at work packing all those extra goodies into your Holiday Boxes, and they started landing in mailboxes last weekend. As many have already… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, November 25, 2014 Comments Off CCG

Cards for Koku are going live this week over at the Imperial Assembly! Gather up all those beautiful wrappers, get them counted, and prepare to turn them in for some awesome L5R cards to add to your collection. Beginning this… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, November 24, 2014 Comments Off CCG

Don’t forget to place your order for the 2014 Holiday Box. We have increased the value by giving everyone that purchases the 2014 Holiday Box all 9 of the Foil 20 Festivals Clan Personalities! The 2014 Holiday Box includes a bounty of… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, November 19, 2014 Comments Off CCG

As part of our continued effort to improve L5R through “Deeds, Not Words,” the L5R Team is happy to announce an exciting change in the 2014 Holiday Pack. Previously, each 2014 Holiday Pack came with your choice of a Foil Clan… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, November 17, 2014 Comments Off CCG

The leaves are changing, the air is cool and crisp, in some lands the delicate winter snow has started to fall, now is the time to prepare for the New Year.  Whether it be by adding to your selection of… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, November 10, 2014 Comments Off CCG

Today, November 10, 2104, marks the release of the latest L5R CCG expansion, The New Order, to Stronghold Store retailers. Swing by your Friendly Local Game Store, pick up some packs, and get a game in! Also, don’t forget, the 2014… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, October 28, 2014 Comments Off CCG

The Holiday Season is upon us and so is the 2014 Holiday Pack! Brought to you in a special themed box, the Holiday Pack contains: This pack contains: 1 Holiday Pack box 1 Holiday Pack foil card pack containing: 3… Read More »