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By Seth Anthony, August 6, 2014 Comments Off CCG

By: Adrian Burton, L5R Art Director A Line in The Sand. Now there is a set name with some implications. ALitS continues to sort out some past Kotei results which means you get to see a whole lot of Yoritomo Aranai and… Read More »

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The Siege: Heart of Darkness in-store event kits will be shipping out of AEG Headquarters very soon, heading towards your Friendly Local Game Store. The release date for Siege: Heart of Darkness is September 8 for Stronghold Stores, with full… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, July 30, 2014 Comments Off CCG

Hello and welcome once again to the draft focus for A Line in the Sand, the newest L5R expansion. This set begins to evolve how draft archetypes are developed, including keyworded Holding schemes, Sensei themes, and two new mechanics that… Read More »

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The product page for our next L5R CCG expansion, The New Order, is now available. Check it out here!

By Seth Anthony, July 25, 2014 Comments Off CCG

With the Dark Naga’s forces banished from the Empire and embroiled in a brutal battle for control of the Second City in the distant Colonies, the creature’s malevolent influence is waning from the Emerald Empire, and those who were enslaved… Read More »

By Shawn Carman, July 23, 2014 Comments Off CCG

Bayushi Nitoshi, Champion of the Scorpion Clan, strolled through the hallways of Kyuden Baushi seemingly without a concern in the world. His demeanor was that of a carefree man, but those advisors who trailed behind him glanced at one another… Read More »

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Samurai of Rokugan, I bear grave tidings. A shadow has fallen over our allies, the Naga. An evil force, the Dark Naga, has arisen among them, attempting to bend this noble entire race to its sinister thrall. As part of… Read More »

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Within the next few days, AEG will be shipping to your Friendly Local Stronghold Store the Release Event Kits for our latest L5R Expansion, A Line in the Sand. These kits include everything a Stronghold Store needs to host a… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, July 18, 2014 Comments Off CCG

Driven from Rokugan by the wrathful forces of the Emerald Champion, the Dark Naga and his enslaved minions have wound their way through the treacherous lands between the Empire and the Colonies, and emerged in secret near the outskirts of… Read More »

By Bryan Reese, July 16, 2014 Comments Off CCG

When we set out to create A Line in the Sand, we decided it was time to bring in some more mechanical keywords. It has been six months since we introduced our last two, and with their popularity and the… Read More »