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By Seth Anthony, August 29, 2014 Comments Off CCG

The L5R Team is excited to announce our newest Learn to Play product, The Currency of War. Coming in the fourth quarter of 2014, this package will provide everything two players need to learn to play Legend of the Five… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, August 28, 2014 Comments Off CCG

The fourth quarter 2014 Organized Play kit has shipped to stores. Check out what you can snag for participating and winning local tournaments between October 1 and December 31, 2014.  Participation prize:   Winner prize: Make sure you’re participating in your local… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, August 28, 2014 Comments Off CCG

Are you coming to L5R Worlds in Sheffield, England? If so, this is your chance to pick up the Summer Exclusive L5R Event Kit. Each kit contains: 10 boosters of the A Line in the Sand (Ivory Legal) expansion 1 exclusive playmat… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, August 27, 2014 Comments Off Products

Hello everyone! My name is Robert Denton. As you may know, I am the current author of the upcoming L5R Interactive Novel. I consider this to be my first major writing project. As such, I am extremely excited about what… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, August 25, 2014 Comments Off RPG

A reminder that the deadline for Player Applications for the Winter Court IV online role playing game (RPG) event is fast approaching. You have until midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, on August 31 to submit your application. ANY APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, August 18, 2014 Comments Off CCG

This is just a reminder that A Line in the Sand, the latest expansion for the L5R CCG, is now available at Stronghold Stores. Stop by your local shop and pick some up!

By Seth Anthony, August 16, 2014 Comments Off CCG

Gen Con Day 2 is in the books and it was another exciting day on the Convention floor in the Events Hall.   The Dark Naga did battle all day at the challenge booth with the Rokugani populace winning 2,… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, August 15, 2014 Comments Off CCG, Uncategorized

The first day of Gen Con 2014 has come and gone. Indianapolis has played host to some great games of L5R. For those of you curious about the events and winners, here’s a recap: The Invitational Draft Event had a total… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, August 15, 2014 Comments Off CCG

We hope that everyone is enjoying our coverage of Gen Con 2014! For those of you following at home, we’ve unlocked the Siege: Heart of Darkness cards in the Oracle of the Void and you can now download the rules document… Read More »

By Bryan Reese, August 10, 2014 Comments Off CCG

Hello Samurai of Rokugan, It has come to our attention that many players out there are unhappy with the way a particular card, Fires of Turmoil, interacts within the rules set, specifically that one could use it to bow their… Read More »