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By Seth Anthony, June 27, 2014 Comments Off RPG

A reminder that the deadline for applications for Assistant Game Masters for the Winter Court 4 online role playing game event is Monday, June 30. If you’d like to participate in the event as an AGM–including possibly having an opportunity to help role… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, June 23, 2014 Comments Off RPG

Do you prefer to best your opponents on the field of battle or in the high courts of the land? Do you dream of commanding legions of troops? Or, would you rather have the command of the spoken word, where a simple utterance… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, June 2, 2014 Comments Off RPG

As promised, attached you will find the Assistant Game Master (AGM) Application Form for Winter Court 4, the online, play-by-post role playing game event being conducted during the period December 2014 to February 2015. If you are interested in participating… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, May 30, 2014 Comments Off RPG

The 2014 Origins Game Fair is just around the corner and we still have space left for the official L5R RPG game. This event will be included as part of the official storyline! In the game, a murder threatens to drive… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, May 28, 2014 Comments Off RPG

To all those interested in participating in the Winter Court role playing event in December (also known as Winter Court 4), please note that we will be opening applications for Assistant Game Masters (AGMs) on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. Details of… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, May 15, 2014 Comments Off RPG

Following several requests by our fans, we have worked with the folks over at to provide The Great Clans, one of our premier L5R RPG supplements, as a PDF or Print-on-Demand purchase. Thank you to our fans who alerted us to the… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, May 12, 2014 Comments Off RPG

Samurai of Rokugan! Her Divine Majesty Iweko I has issued a summons to the clans to once more send their most esteemed ambassadors to the Imperial Winter Court. The Court, to be held in Toshi Ranbo during the months of… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, May 12, 2014 Comments Off RPG

For those who are fans of the L5R RPG, we’ve posted the product pages for our next two source books – Sword and Fan and the Book of the Void. More information will be coming on both products as release… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, March 6, 2014 Comments Off RPG

Whether you’re a wily Mantis Clan pirate that’s plying the high seas, a Unicorn Clan cavalary shugenja, or just a disciple of the courtly arts, you’re going to find something fun in our newest L5R RPG Release, the Book of… Read More »

By Shawn Carman, September 7, 2013 Comments Off RPG

We here at the sprawling opulence that is the L5R RPG Design Headquarters would like to offer a belated apology to Monjoni Osso. Monjoni was a contributor to our release, The Book of Earth, earlier this year but he was… Read More »