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By John Akey, March 31, 2015 Comments Off Announcements, CCG, Story

Samurai of Rokugan! With the release of the Third Brand Lead Article, comes additional insights from his vantage high atop the wall. The following is a link to an article directly from John Zinzer, Hida Z, the CEO of Alderac… Read More »

By John Akey, March 30, 2015 Comments Off Community, Imperial Assembly, Story

Samurai of Rokugan! Ever curious about the who’s who of Rokugan? Take a look at the most recent post from your Story Team on the Imperial Assembly Website. Found here: Twenty Festivals is now available in Stronghold Stores and… Read More »

By Dave Laderoute, March 28, 2015 Comments Off Announcements, Community, Story

In my last article, I talked about L5R as an Interactive Storytelling Game (ISG), and how I saw this as being the CCG’s competitive advantage in the gaming marketplace. This time around, I want to expand on this idea of… Read More »

By John Akey, March 8, 2015 Comments Off Imperial Assembly, Story

Samurai of Rokugan! The Story Team has released a new fiction to the Imperial Herald. The fiction can be found here… Please enjoy!!

By John Akey, March 3, 2015 Comments Off Community, Imperial Assembly, Story

Samurai of Rokugan! There are some new items available on the Imperial Assembly–check them out! An article about the direction for the story for Twenty Festivals and beyond Fiction – The Ascendant Son, revealing the next Emperor of Rokugan! Fiction… Read More »

By Joshua Githens, February 20, 2015 Comments Off Events, Story

The Dark Prophecy is being revealed throughout the Twenty Festivals, evil portents will be foretold of impending terror upon the Empire.  Each week the Spring Koteis will be sent the text of one of the Twenty pieces of the Dark… Read More »

By Joshua Githens, February 11, 2015 Comments Off Announcements, Story

It is with great excitement that we present to you our newest Legend of the Five Rings Story Team members!  After reviewing hundreds of applications and interviewing dozens of potential candidates we have selected the following three writers to join… Read More »

By Dan Dineen, November 13, 2014 Comments Off Story

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan, Please take a moment to log onto your Imperial Assembly Account and vote on who you want your Clan’s nominee for Minor Fortune of Bushido / Guardian Spirit of the Shrine of Three Dynasties to be!… Read More »

By Seth Anthony, October 2, 2014 Comments Off Story

In case you missed it earlier this week, check out the new fiction on the Imperial Assembly!  Shawn Carman, Story Team Lead for Legend of the Five Rings, brings us a tale of violent conflict in the Ivory Court of… Read More »

By Shawn Carman, September 14, 2014 Comments Off Story

The first in a series of fictions depicting the events of the CCG expansion, A Line in the Sand!