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Path of the Destroyer, Part 3

By Shawn Carman, August 21, 2009 Comments Off Story

In the final chapter of this trilogy, the Empire becomes painfully aware of exactly how severe the plague that has begun to appear throughout its lands is, and what the final cost may be to destroy it once and for… Read More »

GenCon Tournament Fictions

By Shawn Carman, August 21, 2009 Comments Off Story

These are the fictions that were read aloud at the secondary and side tournaments at GenCon Indy on August 13th through 16th of 2009!  The events dicated by the main event, the Burden of Duty, are resolved in the weekly… Read More »

Path of the Destroyer, Part 1

By Shawn Carman, August 7, 2009 Comments Off Story

During the final days of the Empress’ festival in the Imperial City, rumors of an assault upon the Carpenter Wall begin to circulate throughout the Empire. Some, however, are too distracted with a far more immediate danger to be concerned… Read More »

A Warrior's Peace

By Shawn Carman, July 24, 2009 Comments Off Story

With the Yobanjin invaders broken and driven before the forces of the Empress, the Crab turn their attention to the blossoming threat in the south, even as the Lion make plans to capitalize upon the success of their forces during… Read More »


By Shawn Carman, July 17, 2009 Comments Off Story

The Empire of Rokugan is home to many strange and terrifying foes – none more so than the Dark Oracles, twisted embodiments of the Five Elements, one of whom just waged a terrible war against the Empire. But they are… Read More »

The Burden of Becoming

By Shawn Carman, July 11, 2009 Comments Off Story

In the aftermath of the War of Dark Fire, the battered Dragon and Unicorn clans struggle to rebuild and reorient themselves in a new and wounded Empire.

The War of Dark Fire, Part 16

By Shawn Carman, July 4, 2009 Comments Off Story

The conclusion of the epic saga of the Dark Oracle’s invasion of the Emerald Empire, as the Army of Fire pushes forward toward the Imperial City.

The War of Dark Fire, Part 15

By Shawn Carman, June 27, 2009 Comments Off Story

In the penultimate chapter of one of Rokugan’s most costly wars, the Army of Fire begins maneuvering toward a final, devastating strike into the heart of the Empire. Even as defenders of Rokugan move to intercept them, a daring plan… Read More »

The Widening Circle

By Shawn Carman, June 20, 2009 Comments Off Story

At last, we see some of the events that led up to the Spider Clan’s activities in the Race for the Throne.  More importantly, however, the first hints of their agenda during the War of Dark Fire are revealed, and… Read More »

The War of Dark Fire, Part 14

By Shawn Carman, June 13, 2009 Comments Off Story

The Army of Fire reaches Kyuden Asako, a center of learning and art for the entire Empire, but the Lion stand between the enemy and the Phoenix. And a missing hero from the Battle of Shiro Mirumoto returns with new… Read More »