Event Support

Legend of the Five Rings supports your local weekend events at Stronghold Stores ((Stronghold Stores are brick-and-mortar stores that participate in our retailer support program. You can find local Stronghold stores via our Stronghold Stores page. Only actual brick-and-mortar retailers can receive our Tournament Kits.))  with FREE event kits.

All a retailer has to do is sign-up for the Event Support program. Once you have been certified as a retailer, AEG will send you tournament kits the first week of every month for you to use in your store and support Organized Play. The kit will contain 8 copies of a participation card and 4 copies of a prize card. These cards change every quarter.

This is a one time sign up program. Once a retailer has signed up, they will continue to receive promotional kits from AEG every month.

We ask that retailers report the events they run to us using the appropriate form. This will help us keep up with retailers and what players are doing at the local level.

If your store is not currently part of our Stronghold Store program, check our dedicated page.

Current OP Kit (Q3 2014: July 1st to Sept 30)
Prize Card: Sparrow Clan Aide
Participation Card: Sadamune Blade

Sadamune Blade   Sparrow Clan Aide


Previous OP Kit (Q2 2014)
Prize Card: Horobei
Participation Card: Mystical Augmentation

Horobei   MysticalAugmentation


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