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Only a few days left!

By Nicolas Bongiu, September 27, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Imperial Assembly

L5R players, you only have a few days left to subscribe to the Imperial Assembly and get a copy of Paneki’s Disgrace as an additional perk to your subscription. Don’t let him get away!

Enemies of the Empire Table of Contents

By Joe Fulgham, September 23, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Products, RPG

The table of contents for the Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition RPG source book Enemies of the Empire is now available for download on our RPG Page.

October MegaGame Honor Contest

By Nicolas Bongiu, September 22, 2010 Comments Off Announcements

Children of the Kami, the Kakita Artisan Academy is pleased to announce that during the month of Bayushi, it will host another contest to honor the Divine One. Come before the judges at the Academy and show them your way… Read More »

Flesh of the Demon

By Shawn Carman, September 19, 2010 Comments Off Story

A tale of the Crab from the front lines of the war with the Destroyers.

New Items in the Clan Shops

By Bryan Reese, September 17, 2010 Comments Off CCG, Products

The Clan Shops have been updated with new items. • Clan Beanies • Clan Deckbackers (2 for each clan plus 1 Ronin) • Imperial Favor Cards

Get Your Ink On!

By Joe Fulgham, September 15, 2010 Comments Off Announcements

How serious are you about your clan? Do you wear it on your skin? Have an L5R tattoo? Send it to us at L5R Ink.

A Couple Reminders

By Nicolas Bongiu, September 15, 2010 Comments Off Announcements

L5R players, you only have 15 days left to become an active member of the Imperial Assembly (either by re-subbing or by signing up) and benefit from this exclusive offer. If you’re planning on attending the World Championships in Lyon,… Read More »

Her Majesty Iweko's Imperial Gift

By Bryan Reese, September 14, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, CCG, Products

Samurai of Rokugan, Last week, we at the Imperial Palace received the third installment of Her Divine Majesty’s Imperial Gift. We immediately started packaging and sending these out via Imperial Courier. It should be arriving in your part of Rokugan… Read More »

Changing the Guards

By Bryan Reese, September 12, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Events

Mike Colson has decided to step down from his position as Event Coordinator for AEG. Mike has been helping AEG run events and has been an employee for many years now, and we appreciate all of the work and dedication…. Read More »

The Ruined Kingdom, Part 2

By Shawn Carman, September 11, 2010 Comments Off Story

The conclusion of the Mantis Clan’s arrival in the distant and mysterious Ivory Kingdoms.