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2011 Kotei Application

By Nicolas Bongiu, September 9, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Events

The 2011 Kotei Application Form is now available for download. We are welcoming applications to run Kotei events across the world. This year’s attendance was up on last year and we want to continue that trend in 2011!

L5R 4th Edition RPG PDF now on sale!

By Joe Fulgham, September 8, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Products, RPG

The Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition RPG core book is now on sale in PDF form at You can visit this page to go straight to the product. It is fully searchable and has a linked table… Read More »

Preorder Reminder

By Nicolas Bongiu, September 6, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Events

L5R players, don’t forget that you have until Sept 26th to preorder a special pack if you’re attending the Worlds Championships in Lyon, France.  The pack contains a Clan Mon embroidered polo, an additional Summer Convention Pack, 10 Celestial legal… Read More »

The Ruined Kingdom, Part 1

By Shawn Carman, September 3, 2010 Comments Off Story

In a distant land, far across the sea, the Mantis Clan struggles to fulfill the mandate of the Divine Empress and discover the truth behind the seemingly endless horde of gaijin demons plaguing the Emerald Empire.

GenCon Q&A Panel

By Nicolas Bongiu, September 3, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Events

L5R Players, you can now find the Q&A panel that AEG employees took part in during GenCon 2010 on the L5RChives website. We’d like to thank once again the audience (both in the room and online) for their questions during… Read More »

New Store Event Kit

By Joe Fulgham, September 2, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Events

The new Event Kit for Quarter 4 of 2010 has been announced. Visit our Event Support Page for more information.

Event Calendar update

By Nicolas Bongiu, September 2, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Events

L5R players, the Event Calendar has been updated with all the September Storyline Tournaments. Solving the Riddle Tournaments will be added as soon as possible. The L5R Team

Trivia Month starts today!

By Nicolas Bongiu, September 1, 2010 Comments Off Announcements

L5R players, you can now take part in the month long trivia challenge on the forums and/or on facebook! The L5R MegaGame Team

Attendance and Koku Drive Update

By Nicolas Bongiu, September 1, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Events, Imperial Assembly

Hisoka-sama, the tournaments the Crane is sponsoring on behalf of the Empress seem to have their expected effect on the samurai: 54 samurai competed at the Academy for the title of Turquoise  Champion and over 500 samurai total have attended… Read More »

Empire at War release date

By Bryan Reese, August 31, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, CCG, Products

Empire at War will be released from distributors on September 20th, and should arrive to your local game store slightly after. Please check your local game store to see when they will receive it. Due to its earlier release at… Read More »