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Flowers in Darkness

By Shawn Carman, October 7, 2011 Comments Off Story

The Writer’s Choice series of fictions continues with this installment from Nancy Sauer, detailing a struggle of honor and loss in the midst of the Crane Clan.

Aftermath, Part 1

By Shawn Carman, August 12, 2011 Comments Off Story

In the wake of the Empress Iweko’s pronouncements at the conclusion of the Destroyer War, the Clan Champions and their vassals struggle with the ramifications of how much the Empire has changed.

Goddesses, Part 4

By Shawn Carman, July 29, 2011 Comments Off Story

The final saga of the Celestial Edition storyline is told here!

Goddesses, Part 2

By Shawn Carman, July 18, 2011 Comments Off Story

The saga of the final days of Rokugan’s war with the Destroyers continues!

Celestial Edition 15

By Joe Fulgham, March 21, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, CCG, Products

Celestial Edition 15 will be in stores this week! This re-release of Celestial Edition features not only a full reprint, but also many extras. Included in each booster is an additional rare from select CE-legal expansions, and a Flashback card,… Read More »

Celestial Edition is amazing!

By Joe Fulgham, July 8, 2009 Comments Off Announcements, CCG

Welcome to Celestial Edition! Let me first say that the launch has been a worldwide success and we have you, the players, to thank for that! New players are being introduced to Rokugan and old players are seeing the game… Read More »

Celestial Edition Rulebook

By Todd Rowland, June 29, 2009 Comments Off CCG, Products

The Celestial Edition Rulebook is now available for download. Please visit http://rules.l5r.com/ to download.

The Widening Circle

By Shawn Carman, June 20, 2009 Comments Off Story

At last, we see some of the events that led up to the Spider Clan’s activities in the Race for the Throne.  More importantly, however, the first hints of their agenda during the War of Dark Fire are revealed, and… Read More »

Celestial Edition Launch Update and More!

By Joe Fulgham, June 18, 2009 Comments Off Announcements

Greetings! Jon Hall here. Just wanted to announce that Celestial Launch Events should officially be run between June 29th and July 12th. Results should be received by AEG on or before July 15th. This announcement supercedes any previous information.

Celestial Edition Previews

By Joe Fulgham, June 17, 2009 Comments Off CCG, Products

Celestial Edition previews continue with a card available only in the Celestial Edition Dragon Clan starter deck. Tetsu Kama Mura, illustrated by Charles Urbach. Visit our Celestial Edition Previews page to see more.