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Online Store Special

By Nicolas Bongiu, July 9, 2012 Comments Off Online Store

Returning to the AEG online store is the graphic novel and card set, Death at Koten. For the first time, we will be selling both the card set and the novel individually, online. The card set contains five Emperor Edition-legal… Read More »


By Shawn Carman, July 11, 2011 Comments Off Story

The final confrontation between the magistrate Seppun Tashime and his quarry, the engimatic Gray Woman!

Death at Koten nominated for Origins Award

By Joe Fulgham, March 31, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, Products

The Legend of the Five Rings graphic novel, Death at Koten, has been nominated for a 2010 Origins Award. The novel is in the Game-Related Book category. Visit our Death at Koten page to see more. Death at Koten is… Read More »

Death at Koten Near Sell-Out on AEG Store

By Joe Fulgham, January 16, 2010 Comments Off Announcements, CCG, Products

Death at Koten DTP set with Graphic Novel is almost sold out. There are a limited number of complete sets still available and then it will not longer be for sale. With the Kotei season pending AEG has decided to… Read More »

Death at Koten International Orders

By Todd Rowland, April 8, 2009 Comments Off CCG, Products

AEG would like you all to know that we are actively seeking solutions to the international shipping charges for the Death at Koten Set. We are working hard with our distribution partners to ship products from the countries you are in, but it may take a little time to set this procedure up.