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By Seth Anthony, March 6, 2014 Comments Off RPG

Whether you’re a wily Mantis Clan pirate that’s plying the high seas, a Unicorn Clan cavalary shugenja, or just a disciple of the courtly arts, you’re going to find something fun in our newest L5R RPG Release, the Book of… Read More »

By Nicolas Bongiu, November 4, 2013 Comments Off Online Store

RPG Fans, You can now find the great dice sets made by Q Workshop in partnership with AEG for the L5R Role Playing Game in their respective Clan Shops on the Online Store. These sets of ten 10-sided dice are colored… Read More »

Q-Workshop and AEG announce L5R Dice

By Nicolas Bongiu, July 19, 2013 Comments Off Announcements

Q-workshop in cooperation with Alderac Entertainment Group proudly announces new official dice sets for Legend of 5 Rings Role Playing Game. The unique and beautiful dice are designed especially for all the Great Clans in the game. In total, they… Read More »

Honor and Treachery and Book of Earth release!

By Nicolas Bongiu, December 11, 2012 Comments Off CCG, RPG

Honor and Treachery, the new Learn to Play set for Legend of the Five Rings CCG and Book of Earth, the latest L5R 4th Edition RPG supplement are releasing this week in game stores around the world and can also be… Read More »

L5R 3rd Edition RPG Books Sale on the AEG Online Store!

By Daniel Briscoe, November 6, 2012 Comments Off Online Store

Hey L5R Fans, We’ve put all of our remaining stock of L5R 3rd Edition RPG books on our Online Store at reduced prices! So get on over and check them out today! Thank you, The AEG Team

Book of Air Released

By Nicolas Bongiu, May 8, 2012 Comments Off Online Store

The latest release for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game 4th Edition – Book of Air – is now available on the AEG Online Store. Learn about Air Magic, duels and much more in this supplement, the first in… Read More »

Important Online Store News

By Nicolas Bongiu, September 1, 2011 Comments Off CCG, Products, RPG

L5R Players, The AEG Online Store has been updated with new products, and there is something for everyone! The 2011 European Championship Event Pack, only available for preorder to the EC attendees. The Great Clans, the latest L5R RPG 4th… Read More »

The Great Clans Cover Preview

By Joe Fulgham, March 23, 2011 Comments Off Products, RPG

The cover for the Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition RPG source book The Great Clans is now on our RPG Page. More info on this book in the coming months!

Emerald Empire Preview – Arts

By Joe Fulgham, January 25, 2011 Comments Off Announcements, RPG

A PDF page sample of Emerald Empire 4th Edition has been added to our RPG Page. This preview is a sample from the all-new Arts chapter. This one focuses on poetry, but the chapter also includes prose, sculpture, theater, and… Read More »

Emerald Empire Preview PDFs

By Joe Fulgham, January 20, 2011 Comments Off Products, RPG

PDF samples of Emerald Empire 4th Edition have been added to our RPG Page. You can preview the Table of Contents and the first pages of Appendix I, Way of the Daimyo.