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Dojo Days stores benefit from many exclusive L5R promotions and events for players and store owners alike!

Recent Level 10 Stores
Congratulations to:

La Guarida
Santiago, Chile

Gnome Games
Green Bay, WI

Fanfare Sports & Entertainment
Kalamazoo, MI

The Clan of the Month promotion is here! You will now have the chance to support your local Dojo Days store and get great new promos all at the same time. Dojo Days stores will receive packs of four promo cards for each Clan over the next several months. These packs will contain one each of four cards. By purchasing Samurai-legal booster packs you can receive a pack of the cards. It’s that easy. Ask your retailer for details.

Shipping week of April 1 to stores in time for Samurai Banzai with a new shipment of Draft Packs.




































































Clan Level Ups
It’s Time to Level Up your store for your Clan.





Clan Level Up items are coming off press now and the Clan Level Up packages will be shipped to stores in May.

If a store has 3 or more players from a single Clan aligned to their store they will receive the Clan Level Up kit and those players aligned to the Clan at that store will receive a pack of special cards.

The Store will receive:

Clan Banner – A full sized war banner of the Clan, to hang proudly in your store.

Bonus Clan Packs for Clan of the Month promotion – More packs means better representation for your Clan at your store.

What the Clan Players receive:

Pack of 12 cards consisting of:
1 Each of the 5 Old School Art Rings
3 Copies of Desperate Wager alt art
Full-bleed Clan Champion
1 copy each of 3 full bleed strongholds (Samurai Base Set, New Expansion Full Bleed Strongholds)

Don’t miss this chance to make your store into a Dragon store, or a Crab store, or an every Clan store!



Dojo Days is the name of L5R’s retail support promotion for Samurai Edition. By taking part, your store and players can benefit simply by playing and growing your local L5R scene. From free promo cards to exclusive items, the Dojo Days program is a great way to build the excitement of Legend of the Five Rings.






Best of all, Dojo Days is completely free to any store that wants to take part! The store owner need only contact AEG Retail Support to be added to the program and become a Stronghold Store. When your store is listed, your players can log into their Imperial Assembly accounts and register with your store. The more players registered at your store, the more benefits you and the players receive.

Among the benefits:

Level 1Three Imperial Assembly Registered Players – 2 L5R press sheets and 3 Certificates for a free 2-issue Imperial Herald subscription.

Level 2Six Imperial Assembly Registered Players – Set of L5R Clan Mugs, 10 random L5R double deck boxes, 3 random L5R T-shirts.

Level 3Nine Imperial Assembly Registered Players – $20 off a L5R pre-release event.

Level 4Twelve Imperial Assembly Registered Players – 2 sets of Full Bleed Strongholds for your players. (2 per clan, 18 total per set)

Level 5Fifteen Imperial Assembly Registered Players – L5R Singles Binder for your store. The binder is pre-seeded with 54 random Samurai Legal Rares.

Many more special items continue through the levels, all the way to Level 10 where you earn an exclusive storyline event at your own store! These events are guaranteed to draw in even more players.

Stronghold Stores are also immediately included in other special L5R promotions such as the upcoming Clan of the Month promotion. Sign up today!

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