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Glory of the Empire

Releases January 2009

With a new Emperor on the Throne of the Emerald Empire, a glorious new dynasty reigns over the samurai of Rokugan. While the Great Clans celebrate and the Heavens shine their approval on the new Emperor, a dark force grows in the foreign lands of the north. Will the new dynasty weather its first challenge? Will you take up arms and tell the story?

Glory of the Empire, an all-new 150+ card expansion that continues the epic storyline of Legend of the Five Rings and has the new look of L5R first featured in the groundbreaking Imperial Gift free set. Glory of the Empire is the first retail expansion to be dual-legal for the existing Samurai Edition tournament arc and the upcoming Celestial Edition tournament arc.

  • Over 150 new cards for the Samurai Edition and upcoming Celestial Edition tournament environments.
  • Beautiful new card design.
  • Features starters for the Crab, Crane, and Phoenix Clans.
  • The story of Rokugan continues as a new threat from a foreign land approaches the Empire.



The Imperial Gift

Releases November 2008

Learn all about this new COMPLETELY FREE Expansion Set for Legend of the Five Rings!



The Heaven's Will

On Sale Now

The time of judgement is at hand. After the chaos of the recent months the Celestial Heavens have undergone massive upheaval, and the Emerald Empire will never be the same. As the grand celestial rebalance occurs, the new Emperor prepares to claim the throne, and this Emperor’s rule will be glorious, bringing Celestial Order back to the Emerald Empire, and the Clans who have fought so hard to attain the throne.

Watch this site for more storyline and card secrets involving The Heaven’s Will!

  • Over 150 new cards for the Samurai Edition tournament environment.
  • Features starters for the Dragon, Lion, and Mantis Clans.
  • The story of Rokugan continues as a new Imperial Dynasty nears.



Samurai Edition Banzai

On Sale Now

Samurai Edition Banzai Alderac Entertainment Group is pleased to announce Samurai Edition: Banzai for Legend of the Five Rings. In April players will have the chance for more of what made Samurai Edition great. And now, key cards from all of the current L5R expansions are included.

Samurai Edition: Banzai features selected rares from Khan’s Defiance, The Truest Test, Stronger than Steel, and Honor’s Veil. And to make Samurai Edition: Banzai even sweeter, these cards are in the place of one common card in the 15-card booster packs, so you’ll still receive key Samurai rares as well.

Missed out on Doomed Intentions the first time around? Having trouble finding another Famous Bazaar? Here is your chance to own these awesome cards. Samurai Edition: Banzai starters also contain two bonus rares along with two Samurai Edition rares! Hard to find commons and uncommons can be found in the starters as well. This is a great way for players to catch up with the Story Arc and finish out this important collection.

Ask your retailer to order Samurai Edition Banzai today!

For the list of reprinted expansion rares, see the Samurai Edition: Banzai FAQ.

  • Re-release of the incredibly successful Samurai Edition of L5R.
  • Perfect chance for new players to jump on in the middle of an arc.
  • Includes bonus cards from all currently legal L5R expansions.
  • Two rares per booster pack.
  • Four rares per starter



Words and Deeds

Releases May 2008

Words and DeedsSince the time of the Clan War and the fall of the Hantei Dynasty mankind has exerted its will upon both the mortal world and the Celestial Heavens. Under the rule of man the Shadowlands have come to live in Rokugan, the whole of creation was nearly consumed by the Lying Darkness, and war has plagued the Empire unchecked.

As the Race for the Throne draws near its end, the Heavens look down and prepare to render judgment on the words and deeds of man.

Watch this site for more storyline and card secrets involving Words and Deeds!

Clan Packs

Release March 2008 – June 2008


The all-new Ultimate Clan Packs feature promos, card binders, card boxes, tokens and more for each Clan. the Clans will release throughout the next several months. Don’t miss out on these great sets! Learn all about these Clan Packs!


The Emerald and Jade Champions
On Sale Now!


Learn all about this exciting new special set based on the events of GenCon Indy 2007 and the European Championships!



Honors Veil

On Sale Now!

The Crab and Crane war gets bloody in Honors Veil!Honor’s Veil continues the epic storyline of Legend of the Five Rings in a 150+ card expansion. Honor’s Veil adds more exciting cards to the mix to continue to bolster your samurai and shugenja as they fight for control of the Empire. With the 2008 Kotei season on the horizon, you will want the new power of Honor’s Veil added to your deck as you fight for your Clan and their glory!

As Winter Court draws to a close, the political struggle between the clans takes on a dangerous edge. When the spring thaws come, the battles raging between the clans will resume, perhaps made worse by the intense rivalries that have sprung up during a disastrous court season. The Crane and the Dragon emerge as front-runners in the Race for the Throne, but will the deadly manipulations of the Scorpion permit either clan to take the lead?

Watch this site for more storyline and card secrets involving Honor’s Veil!

  • 150+ all new cards for the Samurai Edition tournament format.
  • New ways to use your provinces for power.
  • New “cycling” holdings help the flow your deck like never before.
  • Reflects the results of many summer and fall 2007 storyline events.
  • Alliances will be strained! War overtakes the Empire!
  • Starter decks for Crane, Dragon, and Scorpion.



Stronger than Steel

On Sale Now!

StS Boxes Stronger than Steel brings the events that follow the Khan’s march on the capital to the front. With the Khan defeated at the gates of Toshi Ranbo, the throne of Rokugan sits empty still. The Phoenix, with the massive power of the Dragon of Fire at their disposal, enforce peace on the capital, much to the ire of the other Clans. How long will it be until one of the other Clans chooses to push back against them? And what of the disconcerting quiet in the Shadowlands? Where once oni threw themselves against the Kaiu Wall with relentless fervor, there is now silence…

  • 150+ all new cards for the Samurai Edition tournament format.
  • Starter decks for Lion, Mantis, and Phoenix.
  • Continues the epic storyline of Legend of the Five Rings.
  • See Stronger than Steel Previews!



Samurai Edition

On Sale Now!

SE BoxesSamurai Edition turns the page on a new chapter of Legend of the Five Rings! Samurai Edition has been tailor made to introduce new players to Legend of the Five Rings while providing an all new exciting tournament environment for veterans. Samurai Edition contains 350 cards chosen to embody the best of each Clan. Starters are designed with learning in mind, and contain expanded rulebooks that not only teach you the game, but teach you the strategies and secrets of your particular Clan.

Samurai Edition will also feature a global storyline event upon its release, so even new players can get started right away helping their Clan fight for the Empire! Watch this site for more information on Samurai Edition, including spoilers, art, and more in the months to come!

  • 350+ new base set for Legend of the Five Rings.
  • Begins an all new tournament environment for L5R.
  • Contains both returning favorites and all new cards for the Clans!
  • Expanded rulebooks make learning L5R easier than ever.
  • Starter decks for every Clan.
  • See the Online Previews!
  • Download the Preview Rulebook!



The Truest Test

On Sale Now!

The Truest Test continues the epic storyline of Legend of the Five Rings in a 150+ card expansion. The Truest Test adds more exciting cards to the mix to continue to bolster your samurai and shugenja as they fight for control of the Empire.

Phoenix TTTThe first Battle of Toshi Ranbo begins as the Khan makes his final push for control of the Empire. The Crane and Lion fight to defend the city, while a surprise ally of the Khan aids the offense. Like all major events in Legend of the Five Rings, the players’ actions at the 2007 Kotei will determine the success or failure of the Khan. The fate of the throne is truly in your hands!

Watch this site for more storyline and card secrets involving The Truest Test!



Khan's Defiance

On Sale Now!

The powerful Moto Chagatai, great Khan of the Unicorn Clan, looks to the Imperial City with disgust. The Shogun has refused to take the throne, and instead defends the rule of an ineffectual Empress – a weakling dependant upon others to ensure her power. If the Shogun will not take the throne, then perhaps it is time for a Khan to sit upon it.

KD BoxesIn the midst of winter, the armies of the Unicorn march on Toshi Ranbo. The magic of the Barunghar hastens and protects the mighty Khol army, and at its head rides the Khan himself. A major campaign launched in the winter has never before been seen in the Empire, for the risks are enormous. Nothing shall stay the Khan’s ambition, however, and he marches in defiance of all tradition and reason. Only the valiant Lion, led by a young and untested champion, stand between the Khan and the throne he intends to claim.

In this time of chaos and conflict, only one thing can be said with any certainty: This shall be the Winter of Red Snow.

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