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The War of Dark Fire is upon the Emerald Empire! The 2009 Kotei season sees the all out assault of the Dark Oracle of Fire across the northern borders of Rokugan. The lands of the Dragon, Unicorn, and Phoenix are threatened, and the newly crowned Empress Iweko I will answer the challenge with the full force of the Clans of Rokugan.

2009 Kotei Events will feature two competitions, one standard CCG tournament and one special “fan” contest specified by the TO. These could be theme deck, costuming, or any other non-ccg side event. Each of these two competitions will have their own unique story-line at each Kotei! The assaults on the northern borderlands are unexpected and lightning fast, and the Clans never know where the Empire will be struck next. As such, each Kotei events’ storylines are being sent in sealed envelopes, to be opened only on the day of the event.

The currently sold out Glory of the Empire expansion will be among the prizes at the Kotei Events!

North America
Date Location Organizer More Information
3/07/09 – 3/08/09 Las Vegas, NV Dennis Hyman Event Site/Discussion
3/07/09 – 3/08/09 Cincinnati, OH Heath Scheiman Info Coming Soon
3/14/09 – 3/15/09 Douglasville, GA Jonathan Freeman Event Site/Discussion
3/14/09 – 3/15/09 San Diego, CA Anthony Oshmago Info Coming Soon
3/21/09 Feeding Hills, MA Eric T. Devlin Event Site/Discussion
3/28/09 – 3/29/09 Green Bay, WI Pat Fuge Info Coming Soon
4/04/09 – 4/05/09 Tacoma, WA Chris Ewick Event Site/Discussion
4/09/09 Ottawa, Canada Chad O’byrne Event Site/Discussion
4/11/09 Athens, Greece Manolis Trahiotis Event Site/Discussion
4/11/09 – 4/12/09 Columbia, SC Pete Warren Event Site/Discussion
4/18/09 Corvallis, OR Erin Frybarger Event Site/Discussion
4/18/09 New Milford, NJ Dennis Morton Event Site/Discussion
4/25/09 – 4/26/09 Phoenix, AZ Darren Sygrove Event Site/Discussion
4/25/09 – 4/26/09 South Sioux City, NE Bob Yager Event Site/Discussion
5/02/09 Manhattan, KS Don Eisele Event Site/Discussion
5/03/09 Anchorage, AK Brian Seims Info Coming Soon
5/15/09 – 5/17/09 Mobile, AL Todd Rowland Event Site/Discussion
5/16/09 – 5/17/09 Forth Worth, TX LeAnn Dennis Event Site/Discussion
5/16/09 – 5/17/09 Woodbridge, VA Chris Russell Event Site/Discussion
5/16/09 Calgary, Alberta Diana Wong Event Site/Discussion
5/17/09 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Bryan Murphy Info Coming Soon
5/23/09 Thunder Bay, Ontario Steve Seller Event Site/Discussion
5/30/09 – 5/31/09 Denver, CO Cliff Jackson Info Coming Soon
5/30/09 – 5/31/09 Rossford, OH John Hubbard Event Site/Discussion
6/06/09 Irvine, CA Josh Fohrman Event Site/Discussion
6/06/09 – 6/07/09 St. Louis, MO Jon Bancroft Event Site/Discussion
6/13/09 Chicago, IL Mike Colson Event Site/Discussion
6/27/09 – 6/28/09 Sacramento, CA Doruk Ozaydin Info Coming Soon
Date Location Organizer More Information
3/01/09 Dublin, Ireland Eoin Burke Info Coming Soon
3/07/09 – 3/08/09 Wroclaw, Poland Gregorz Góral Info Coming Soon
3/07/09 – 3/08/09 Madrid, Spain Dimas Miura Info Coming Soon
3/14/09 – 3/15/09 Sheffield, UK Jim Freeman Info Coming Soon
3/14/09 – 3/15/09 Moscow, Russia Konstantin Gorbunov Event Site/Discussion
3/21/09 – 3/22/09 Lyon, France Yannick Le Brethon Event Site/Discussion
4/04/09 – 4/05/09 Maastricht, Netherlands Faber van Kraanen Event Site/Discussion
4/18/09 Minsk, Belarus Tournament Organizer Event Site/Discussion
4/18/09 – 4/19/09 Logroño, Spain Borja Collantes Pinillos Event Site/Discussion
5/02/09 – 5/03/09 Valencia, Spain Laura Almagro Info Coming Soon
5/02/09 – 5/03/09 Bordeaux, France Pierre-Emmanuel Bureau Info Coming Soon
5/16/09 – 5/17/09 Barcelona, Spain Albert Mialet Event Site/Discussion
5/16/09 – 5/17/09 Budapest, Hungary Krisztian Gal Info Coming Soon
5/23/09 – 5/24/09 Aldershot, UK Alex Cullum Info Coming Soon
6/6/09 – 6/7/09 Toulouse, France Jérome Bégault Info Coming Soon
6/20/09 – 6/21/09 Nürnberg, Germany Andreas Boehm Info Coming Soon
Central/South America
Date Location Organizer More Information
3/14/09 – 3/15/09 Santiago Chile Oscar Cooper Info Coming Soon
4/18/09 – 4/19/09 Fortaleza, Brazil Vitor Hugo Info Coming Soon
5/02/09 – 5/03/09 Rosario, Argentina Javier Espana Event Site/Discussion
6/27/09 – 5/28/09 Carolina, Puerto Rico Robert Velazquez Event Site/Discussion
Pacific Rim
Date Location Organizer More Information
3/28/09 – 3/29/09 Malaysia Mohd Adisa Mahadi Info Coming Soon
4/04/09 – 4/05/09 Pretoria, South Africa Donald Mullany Event Site/Discussion
4/11/09 – 4/12/09 Melbourne, Australia Mark Biffin Info Coming Soon
5/16/09 – 5/17/09 Bacolod City, Philippines Jan Penafuerte Info Coming Soon
5/30/09 – 5/31/09 Auckland, New Zealand Hamish Thomson Event Site/Discussion

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