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Sons and Daughters of the Kami,

it is my great pleasure to announce that during the month of Doji, the Kakita Artisan Academy will organize a contest honoring the great heroes of Rokugan. Come before the Academy and tell the tale of the hero that inspires you the most.

May the ancestors and heroes of Rokugan guide us in our current struggles.

Kakita Yosuga
Kakita Artisan Academy Master of Ceremonies 

In August, the L5R MegaGame will give you the opportunity to win Honor points for your Clan, not by defeating your opponent in the CCG arena, but by showing your love for a classic personality combined with your knowledge of the Legend of the Five Rings Role-playing Game, 4th Edition! Participating in the contest is very simple: pick your favorite L5R canon character and use 4th Edition to write his stats!

You have from August 1st to August 31st to submit a maximum of 2 entries in a single email with the following subject 2010 Canon Character Write-in.

To submit your entries, email with your full name, your AEG forum handle and the Clan you’re representing for each entry, as well as the following boilerplate* duly filled, preceding your entries (providing the canon source as well).

The winner of this contest will gain 4 Honor points that he’ll be able to donate to the Empire if he so chooses. If he doesn’t, the points will go to the Clan he represented with his submission.

2nd, 3rd and 4th place grant 2, 1 and 1 Honor point respectively that will be granted to the Clan stated in their submission.

Placing entries will be published on the official website.

Honor your favorite character in the Emerald Empire! Clan Champions, vassal family member, heimin: in August, everyone has a chance to shine, regardless of his place in the Celestial Order.

* Boilerplate text:

I, NAME , understand and agree to the following terms:
Enclosed or attached artwork, storylines, character developments, card ideas and other intellectual property (collectively ‘work’) received by Alderac Entertainment Group (‘AEG’) is considered a gift and all of the donator’s rights, title and interest in and to the Work (including copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights) is freely given to AEG, and becomes the property of AEG. AEG is in no way responsible to consider the work or pay any transfer fees, licensing fees, royalties or any other considerations to the donor. AEG reserves the right to refine, alter or modify the Work at their discretion.

Based on the above understanding I hereby enclosed the following work.

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United, the Empire will prevail. Divided it will crumble.
The L5R MegaGame Team

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