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Children of the Kami,

the Kakita Artisan Academy is pleased to announce that during the month of Bayushi, it will host another contest to honor the Divine One. Come before the judges at the Academy and show them your way to bolster the morale of our troops in this time of war.

Kakita Yosuga
Kakita Artisan Academy Master of Ceremonies

As the end of the Empire’s Glory MegaGame draws near, the future of the Emerald Empire of Rokugan still hangs in the balance. AEG offers you the opportunity to inspire the troops of the Divine Empress and your fellow L5R players through an Inspirational Poster Contest over the course of the month of October.

To participate in the contest, all you have to do is submit a maximum of 2 inspirational posters (in one email) on the following theme: 15 years of L5R. An Inspirational poster is defined as an image accompanied by a catch phrase. The image can be taken off any source (self created – collage, drawing etc.., personal picture, online resources).

All submissions will be passed on to a group of hand-selected judges who will determine the winners based on originality, creativity and respect of the theme of the contest. Each poster has to be of a maximum size of 1Mo.

To submit your entries, email with your full name, your AEG forum handle and the Clan(s) you’re representing for each entry.

The winner of this contest will gain 4 Honor points that he’ll be able to donate to the Empire if he so chooses. If he doesn’t, the points will go to the Clan he represented with his submission.
2nd, 3rd and 4th place grant 2, 1 and 1 Honor point respectively that will be granted to the Clan stated in their submission.

Placing entries will be published on the website in November, with the forum handle of  their creator.

Bolster the morale like an omoidasu of the Lion Clan, inspire greatness in others like a Kakita artisan, or show your unflinching will like a Crab warrior. Do well and you will be able to help your favorite Clan in those dire times. As long as there is hope, the fight is not over!

United, the Empire will prevail. Divided it will crumble.
The L5R MegaGame Team

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