As you may have read in the Imperial Herald (vol.3/ Issue 7), it is AEG’s goal to offer a vibrant tournament scene all year long. Obviously, Kotei Season and its 60 tournaments happening over the course of 4 months polarizes the attention  of L5R players during the first semester, with its exclusive storyline impact. The 15th Anniversary of the game was the opportunity for us to extend that tournament activity to the rest of the year and given its success, we are turning it into a fixture of the Legend of the Five Rings tournament season.

Named the Winter Court Season, it will feature the following series of tournaments, all of which are briefly explained below and will be explained further as the season goes:

  • Zone Championships: GenCon (North American and World Championships in 2011), European Championships, South American Championships, Pacific Rim Championships.
  • Jewel Events: The Amethyst, Emerald, Jade, Obsidian, Onyx, Ruby, Topaz and Turquoise Championships give the opportunity to players to have their favorite Personality from their Clan reach a prominent position in the Emerald Empire. Starting September 10, these events are spread across the continents and will have a new twist added to them as we enter the Emperor Edition Storyline.
  • Stronghold Store Tournaments: storyline tournaments for the Stronghold Stores that have reached or maintained level 10, level 15 or level 20 status in the Stronghold Store program.
  • Name a Card Tournaments: these tournaments give their winner the opportunity to name a card for the specified card type to be featured in a future Legend of the Five Rings expansion.
  • Winner’s Choice Tournaments: these tournaments offer their winner the chance to have a character from their Clan to receive a special trait (picked from a list of available traits)

Winner’s Choice Tournaments:

From July 16 to Dec 31 2011, Winner’s Choice tournaments will be organized around the world and let their winner pick from the below list of traits. A personality of the winner’s Clan will be the bearer of that trait in the L5R storyline. In the case of a Ronin or Forgotten Temple win, a non-aligned personality will be the recipient.

The Winner’s Choice tournament format was originally conceived as a means of allowing individuals and retailers to host storyline events that allowed the winner a direct story impact without flooding the environment with dozens of unique events that caused a backlog of results. In the old days, winners could wait months or years to see the results of their efforts, which is now thankfully a rare occurrence. However, over time the Winner’s Choice tournaments have become more detached from the story of L5R, with winners often receiving a card and little to no story time.

This new version of the Winner’s Choice rules allows a winner to select a unique archetype from a list. A character conforming to this archetype will appear in the fiction, associated with the winner’s faction. A winner who selects from this list the Enlightened Monk option, for example, will see a former member of his clan appear in the fiction as an enlightened monk. Some of these characters may be pre-existing personalities, while others will be entirely new creations. The titles may seem a bit vague, but keep in mind that these are archetypes we intend to tailor specifically to suit the flavor and theme of the clans that win.

Tournaments organizers can apply for a Winner’s Choice Tournament by sending all the information requested in the application to There must be a minimum of 3 weeks between the date of their email and the proposed date of the tournament.

Here is the list of available traits:

  • Ascended Shugenja – Jonas Solberg, Crab (Tacoma, WA)
  • Deadly Assassin – Brad Miller, Dragon (Green Bay, WI)
  • Enlightened Monk – Jessey Wright, Phoenix (Hamilton, Canada)
  • Famous Magistrate – José M. Rossello, Crane (Mallorca, Spain)
  • Infamous Duelist – Brandon Flores, Crane (Niles, IL)
  • Legendary Shugenja – Bryan Murphy, Unicorn (St Albert, Canada)
  • Notorious Criminal – Marcin Karwowski, Dragon (Bielsko-Biala, Poland)
  • Peerless Swordsman – Jon Palmer, Crane (West Babylon, NY)
  • Scandalous Courtier – Valerie Parmley, Phoenix (South Sioux City, NE)
  • Tyrannical Governor – Jorge Matar, Scorpion (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Due to the great numbers of applications received, the process is now closed and a new Storyline Prize is available (see below)

The story of any hero begins with a single moment, and escalates into a lifetime of destiny, whether it be glorious or tragic. It is from such moments that the potential for both greatness and tragedy are found, and it is moments such as those that will be selected for the clans at your discretion when you win one of these tournaments.

The winner of a Winner’s Choice tournament may select one of the following moments. These moments will appear in fiction form, inexorably tied to the tournament winner’s Clan. When one option is selected from the list below, it is becomes impossible to select again. The  moments include:

  • An ancient secret is uncovered – Brandon Korgan, Crab (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • A blood feud is settled forever – Jeff Hardee, Dragon (Fort Mill, SC)
  • A sanctioned duel to first blood is held
  • An illegal duel to the death is held – Joshua Kolb, Dragon (St Louis, MO)
  • A criminal conspiracy is exposed – Przemyslaw Kowalczyk, Pheonix (Szczecin, Poland)
  • A victory on the battlefield is achieved
  • A death brings about permanent change
  • A birth brings about permanent change – Matt Butterfield, Unicorn (Davenport, IA)
  • Enlightenment is achieved -Brorarinn Sigurosson, Dragon (Reykjavik, Iceland)
  • Someone survives a terrible betrayal
  • An opponent is humiliated in court – Ben Vandeveer, Mantis (Prescott Valley, AZ)
  • An unlikely alliance is formed – Joshua Crisp, Crane (Charleston, SC)

Name a Card Tournaments:

From Aug  13 to Dec 31 2011, Name a Card tournaments will give their winner the opportunity to name a card to be released in a future L5R expansion. This card will be from the card type specified in the tournament name, and its name subject to approval from the Story Team. In case of a Personality, it will be aligned with the Clan of the winner. In the case of a Ronin or Forgotten Temple win, an Unaligned personality will be named.

Applications must be sent to and contain all the information requested. Please allow for a minimum of 3 weeks between your application email and your proposed date for the tournament. Here’s the list of tournaments that organizers can apply for at the present. New tournaments will be added as necessary.

  • Name a Holding
  • Name a Celestial
  • Name a  Personality
  • Name a Follower
  • Name an Item

Jewel Events:

While Matsu Kasei has managed to retain his position as Turquoise Champion and thus will be in need of a prominent aide, all other Jewel Champions (including their dark counterpart, Onyx and Obsidian) will be new personalities in the Emperor Storyline. Starting September 10, players around the globe will face off to determine who will obtain those prestigious positions during the tournaments listed below.

For the first time, each Jewel event will also hold a special Official Costume Contest, at the end of which each tournament organizer will take a picture of the winning costume.  We will immortalize the victories by creating one special card in a future L5R expansion featuring all the costumes.

To learn more about each Jewel event, visit their respective thread on the official forums.

Jewel Name Date Location TO TO Email
Ruby September 10 Luxemburg City Tom Mulheims
Turquoise September 24 Athens, Greece Manolis Trahiotis
Obsidian October 22 Feeding Hills, MA Eric Devlin
Amethyst October 29 Rosario, Argentina Javier España
Onyx December 3 Adelaide, Australia Leigh Gregurke
Jade December 10 Spain Pablo Rojo
Emerald December 17 Sacramento, CA Bryan Reese
Topaz December Chicago, IL Mike Colson

Visit this page regularly for updates on the various tournament series.

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