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With the December Honor Contest being concluded, the final results of the Empire’s Glory can now be unveiled.

It has been a year long struggle against Kali-Ma and competition has been fierce, the fate of not only the Clans but the Empire as a whole hanging in the balance ever since the start of the 2010 Kotei Season and all the way to the last event.
In the end, unity prevailed and even though the Empire emerges victorious, it will be undoubtedly changed forever.

While there are individual winners as far as specific games within the game go, you have all taken part in shaping the future of the Empire of Rokugan through your countless efforts and now it falls onto us to translate them and the results of the Empire’s Glory into the story of L5R.

In addition to that, the community as a whole has come together for those that need it the most on numerous occasions (pancreatic cancer research during the Solving the Riddle Tournament Series, people in need during Topaz Championships to name a couple) and for that, there is reason to be proud.

Once again, congratulations to each and everyone of you. Your efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

You can discuss those results on the official forums.

United, the Empire will prevail.
Divided, it will crumble.

The L5R MegaGame Team

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