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The 2011 Kotei page has been updated with the players’ choices during week 9 of the season.

The Empire has held the line for 2 consecutive weeks now, what will the Destroyers do? You can find the locations under attack this week after the jump!
Annerley, Australia – Three Man Alliance Plain (G17) – This is the infamous plain where the combined might of the Wasp, Sparrow, and Fox clans surprised and managed to defeat a minor task force of the Scorpion, embarrassing the Clan of Secrets in front of the entire Empire and marking a new era in Minor Clan cooperation.

Selangor, Malaysia – Meidochi (MC6) – This tiny and remote village is notable only because it is the center of power, such as it is, for the similarly tiny Ujina family, vassals of the Usagi and members of the Hare Clan.

Louisville, KY – Ashio (SC27) – This small village was the sight of a peasant revolt some years ago when a newly discovered jade mine poisoned the local crops and waterways. It has since been repopulated with properly loyal subjects and receives outside foodstuffs to ensure continued mining.

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