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The 2011 Kotei page has been updated with the players’ choices during week 16 of the season. Find out which locations are under attack this week after the jump! 

Kotei Salt Lake City, UT – Zokujin Mura (MC15) – This village is named for its founding, when a traveling ronin saw a zokujin in the nearby mountains and followed it, discovering a valuable vein of copper there.

Kotei Thunder Bay, Canada – Silent Village (SC19) – This small village was the only one in the region blighted by Bishamon that managed to continue producing food even during the height of the curse.
The industrious people here did so because of their piety: they took a vow of silence for one year after the blight, and no living soul within the village broke it

Kotei Grenoble, France – Kyuden Ashinagabachi (M5) – Former home to the Wasp Clan and present home to the Tsuruchi family, Kyuden Ashinagabachi was a former Scorpion castle, and the Scorpion have never forgiven the insult. It is placed high in the mountains, however, and siege is virtually impossible.

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