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The Divine Child, Empress Iweko I, has set forth some rules for the upcoming tournaments, known as War of Honor, for the honorable Samurai of Rokugan to follow. The following cards are banned from War of Honor: Extended and War of Honor: Current formats.

• In Time of War
• Claiming the Throne
• Yoritomo Ascends
• Daidoji Gisei
• Hidden Scandal
• Only Actions Speak
• Dove Tattoo

Moto Chagatai experienced 4 *is not* banned in War of Honor tournaments. This list of banned cards will be in effect for the upcoming event at Gen Con. Her Divine Grace will be letting her subjects know which cards are banned in the War of Honor: Open format at an upcoming event. She wishes to remind you of the legality of these three formats.

• Current – Only legal in the current arc
• Extended – Cards legal in the current and the preceding arc
• Open – All cards

All formats are subject to the banned list (when applicable).

The Divine Child wishes all of her Samurai good luck in the upcoming War of Honor tournament.

Miya Masatsuko
Imperial Herald

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