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Hey everyone, I am happy to announce the locations of the 2012 Kotei Season! Over the next few weeks we will be putting the finishing touches on all of the information for the best Kotei season ever, so check back regularly. Also, be sure to check the forums for information from the TOs about their events. And here are the 2012 Kotei Locations!

Country City Date TO E-Mail
USA Chicago, IL February 25th Mike Colson
USA Feeding Hills, MA February 25th Eric Devlin
France Rennes February 25th/26th Loig Jezequel
Canada Vancouver, BC March 3rd Diana Wong
USA Atlanta, GA March 3rd Chris Stevenson
Ireland Dublin March 3rd/March 4th Eoin Burke
Australia Brisbane March 10th/11th Charles Thorp
USA Evansville, IN March 10th Josh Kolb
USA Las Vegas, NV March 17th Frank Kallal
Spain Madrid March 17th/18th Dimas Miura
Argentina Buenos Aires March 17th Facundo Heredia
USA Atlantic City, NJ March 24th Robert Martin
Poland Bielsko-Biala March 24th/25th Roman Cupek
USA Tacoma, WA March 31st/April 1st Diana Wong
USA Tuscon, AZ March 31st Samantha Hat
USA Orlando, FL March 31st Frank Kallal
Hungary Budapest March 31st/April 1st Gabor Leder
USA Lafayette, LA April 7th Jeff Marx
Greece Athens April 8th Manolis Trachiotis
USA Washington, DC April 14th Aaron Barto
Poland Szczecin April 14th/15th Przemek Wawer
Malaysia Selangor Apirl 14th/15th Heng Loon Cheah
Brasil Sao Paulo April 14th Henrique Amigo Santa Rosa
South Africa Pretoria Aprith 14th/15th Garth Behrmann
USA South Sioux City, NE April 21st Bob Yager
Spain Barcelona April 21st/22nd Albert Mialet Gimenez
Russia Moscow April 21st Phillip Larin
USA Portland, OR April 28th Diana Wong
USA Knoxville, TN April 28th Richard Ford II
UK Sheffield April 28th/29th Jim Freeman
Chile Santiago May 5th Mario Luncumilla
Netherlands Rotterdam (Benelux) May 5th/6th Jean-Baptiste Perrin
USA Pasadena, CA May 5th Daniel Briscoe
USA Minneapolis, MN May 12th Valerie Parmley
Spain Granada May 12th/13th Fernando Jose Porcel Sanchez
Australia Melbourne May 12th Wayne Duyvestyn
USA Dallas, TX May 19th LeAnn Dennis
USA Fort Mill, SC May 19th Ryan Jackson
Canada Calgary May 19th Diana Wong
Czech Republic Prague May 19th/20th Michael Tancos
USA Toledo, OH May 26th John Hubbard
USA Denver, CO May 26th Cliff Jackson
Puerto Rico (USA) San Juan May 26th Luarie Rolon
France Toulouse May 26th/27th Flo Piquette
USA Kansas City, KS June 2nd Don Eisele
Sweden Malmo June 2nd/3rd Robert Almgren
Philippines Quezon City June 2nd/3rd Des Tan
Canada Montreal June 9th Francis Patenaude
USA Anchorage, AK June 9th Rick Moeller
UK Aldershot June 9th/10th Alex Cullum
USA Salt Lake City, UT June 16th Phil Kilcrease
Canada Thunder Bay June 16th Dave Laderoute
USA Austin, TX June 16th Monjoni Osso
USA Grove City, PA June 16th Timothy Eck
Germany Nuremburg June 16th/17th Andreas Boehm
USA Saint Louis, MO June 23rd Jon Bancroft
Iceland Reykjavik June 23rd/24th Gunnar Trausason
USA San Jose, CA June 30th John Seals
France Paris June 30th/July 1st Remi Cavaille
New Zealand Auckland June 30th Aaron Wong

Daniel Briscoe
L5R Events Manager

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