In Announcements

Samurai of Rokugan,

The time has come  for you to test your skills just like the samurai of the Colonies did several cycles ago. Our Divine Empress, blessed be her name, has chosen the Toshi Ranbo Training Grounds to hold the tournament created to choose who she will send to oversee the newly created Imperial Explorers and assist Otomo Suikihime with the expansion of the influence of the Child of Heavens over the Colonies.All participants of the Master of the Imperial Explorers tournament shall be given one copy of Peace. May it be a souvenir of the Divine One’s benevolence since the Destroyer War, and the prosperity that came with it?

Kakita Genshi
Crane Clan Master of Ceremonies

With the release of Emperor Edition, fans of the L5R CCG are introduced to the Colonies, an enormous region claimed by Rokugan and once known as the Ivory Kingdoms. A vast and sprawling land, the Colonies have only been partially settled over the twenty five years since the Destroyer War, and so have been claimed with great caution and planning; as there are many terrible secrets as yet lingering in the dark jungles where a majestic kingdom once stood.

The decrees of the new Imperial Governor have changed the means by which the land may be explored and claimed, and in the wake of such announcements, the formerly minor bureaucratic organization known as the Imperial Explorers has come to great prominence. The Explorers fulfill many functions, benefiting both their Empress and their clan with their endeavors. But they must be guided by a strong hand and an even stronger will. Thus the position of Master Sensei of the Imperial Explorers is one well known to all in the Colonies.

The clan claiming the most victories in this Global Storyline Tournament across the world will determine the clan affiliation of the Master Sensei of the Imperial Explorers. This individual will play a significant role in the ongoing appearances of the Imperial Explorers as the arc’s storyline progresses.

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