Seeds of Decay, the latest set for L5R CCG, has a small portion of its stock releasing today at GenCon.

Thus, as part of our preview schedule, each individual Clan Forums has been sent a special set of previews containing the Clan’s personalities and in the case of the Clans receiving a Stronghold (Dragon, Mantis and Scorpion) the fixed Personality, Stronghold and Clan Sword they are receiving with the set.

You will be able to follow the release of information from the opening of the packs as images and text are posted on the AEG forums, and before the set releases in retail stores, the Oracle of the Void will be updated with the set’s information.

Please find below an exclusive sneak peek at Seeds of Decay in the form of two iconic Personalities present in the set:


The Clan forums receiving the cards are listed below. We highly encourage you to visit them and link to them whenever you discuss Clan specific cards.

Thank you for your support.

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