Seeds of Decay, the upcoming expansion for the L5R CCG, continues the tradition of reflecting the valiant efforts of players who have had an impact on the game in some way with cards. The expansion contains a large spread of storyline prizes, and today, we’re going to look into some of them.

As we talked about in the Embers of War article on interaction, Name a Card still remains a very popular storyline tournament format in which players seek to name a variety of card types for the L5R CCG. In Seeds of Decay, there are two cards that were the results of Name a Card Tournaments in 2011. The first is Blades of the Black Dragon, won by Scotty Couchman. The weapon could easily find its way into many of the Kensai theme Dragon decks (and even a few others), and the card itself continues the story of an infamous Dragon samurai named Mirumoto Taki. We now can see that he has earned, at least posthumously, the nickname of ‘Black Dragon’ and this weapon was one he carried with him.

The second card from this set also references a beloved character from previous arcs, and also depicts the growing conflict between the Mantis and Crane in the story. Robert Pursell won a Name a Holding event in 2011, and choose the name Hachi’s Revenge – which initially, might seem a bit difficult to name a holding after, as the name carries with it a feeling of power and awe. However…not all holdings are stationary buildings or pieces of land. Hachi’s Revenge is a ship, one of the most powerful in the Crane fleet, and its ability to disrupt your opponents gold holdings shows off mechanically that the ship is powerful enough to be a threat both on land and sea. The flavor text is particularly amusing as well.

Also in 2011, there was a series of tournaments where players could choose personalities to become favored by the Celestial Dragons. Three such personalities have been printed in Seeds of Decay, and each one is an interesting choice for the story. Robyn Pavlakovich won the Favored of the Void Dragon, and chose for the enigmatic dragon to favor Yasuki Tsujiken, a powerful courtier who manipulates economies to gain advantage for himself and the Crab Clan.  Frederic Capbert chose for the Water Dragon to favor Mirumoto Houken, adeadly kensai of the Dragon Clan. Finally, Kyle Anderson choose the enigmatic Asako Rikate, the Tainted henshin who bears strange abilities which have given him the title of ‘Golden Arm’. Each of these personalities is unique in some way, and the favor they now carry from the Dragons is sure to have a significant impact on their lives in the coming conflicts. Keep an eye out in future sets for the remaining favored personalities!

Seeds of Decay is also the set where we see for the first time the results of the 2011 GenCon World Championships. There were a number of tournaments at Worlds that year, and in this expansion we see four of the results in card form. The first is the Governor of the Second City herself, Otomo Suikihime, which was the result of Daniel Walker winning GenCon playing The Forgotten Temple. The Governess is a powerful ally to any deck that is honorable enough to field her, but she is significantly less useful when faced against the Forgotten Temple, symbolizing the victory of the Dark Naga’s forces. The Second Chance tournament that year allowed the winner to raise a personality to the status of a celestial being, and Paul Clute won choosing Akuma no Oni – which is represented in the Celestial Akuma’s Power. It gives the player the ability to draw upon similar powers to that of Akuma from days of old, albeit at a price.Finally, there were two tournaments to determine who would become the new Shogun of the Empire, and who would serve as his personal yojimbo. AJ Valle won War of Honor, and his victory for the Unicorn has led to the creation of Moto Taigo, who is a skilled tactician and Moto Chagatai’s son. Case Kiyonaga won the Invitational that year, and selected Matsu Koyama to serve as Taigo’s right hand man and yojimbo.

So as you can see, there are a lot of direct storyline influences that can be seen in Seeds of Decay. There are a few other storyline prizes within the set from other tournaments as well – Imperial Explorers from 2011, as well as the identity of the new Ruby Champion. We want to keep their identities a mystery for now, as what fun is it if we spoil everything for you guys? However, credit will be given where it is due – Jakub Baranski was the victor for the Imperial Explorers tournament with Scorpion, and André Rinn won the 2011 Ruby Championship playing Mantis – fitting, considering the heavy emphasis the clan has placed on their magistrates in the past few months. We hope you enjoy learning the identities of these two personalities and look forward to their deeds and exploits in the coming weeks and months!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article detailing the interaction of players with the L5R universe and the rewards for their hard efforts. Enjoy Seeds of Decay and look forward to our next release where you will get to see more players highlighted for their victories in L5R tournament play. Utz!

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