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Every once in a while, corrective measures need to be taken in order to correct problems in the environment. The current environment has some problems, speed being one of them, that we have chosen to correct by banning the following cards from Emperor Edition tournaments.

Twisted Fate
Well-Tended Farm
Ki no Oni
All That Will Be Lost
Gozu’s Guide
Exquisite Gifts
One Koku
Cross-Clan Wedding

These bans will go into effect Friday, January 18th, 2013. This is obviously a rather extensive list, and it is a list we form not lightly. However, we feel that the speed of the game is just not healthy for a game that allows the deep level of strategy that L5R does. Some of the above cards directly confront the speed problem (Uta, Gozu’s Guide, Exquisite Gifts, One Koku), some confront tools that many speed decks used to deny their opponent’s the opportunity to fight their speed (All That Will be Lost as well as Uta to play Martial Manipulation for “free”), while some confront tools used by other degenerate decks that were not healthy for the environment (Cross-Clan Wedding for turbo dishonor, Well-Tended Farm for “Faceless” honor decks, and Ki no Oni for the Ki on Oni decks). Twisted Fate created many of its own problems, and allowed decks answers to counter the effective meta that was out there (such as Urgency).

With this round of bans, we feel the L5R environment will be brought back to a more reasonable pace that will allow players to get a better experience. Please make sure to hold on to the rare and promo cards listed above. When AEG returns from our Winter Break, we will be discussing a redemption program to give our players value for these cards.

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