A story of ten siblings, who fell to the mortal world and changed the face of history forever…

“The Great Clans are the greatest servants of the Emperor, and perhaps the greatest threat to the stability of the Empire.”Soshi Saibankan

The Emerald Empire of Rokugan has long been one of war and conflict, a great history forged at its heart by an unending sibling rivalry. The Great Clans of Rokugan were founded by the Kami, children of the Sun and Moon, and their adherence to their founder’s personalities and vows have defined the Empire. Each seeks to gain ground over the others, a continuing reflection of the Tournament of the Kami that set the Empire in motion so long ago.

The Great Clans takes you deep into the psyche and workings of the Great Clans of Rokugan. The book features a full chapter on each of the Great Clans, focusing on the various families, histories, and culture that makes up those clans. Additional chapters also cover the evil Spider Clan, the return of Heritage Tables, and vassal families.

Inside this tome you will find:

  • A thorough look at each Great Clan, including the individual families that comprise them. Each also features new Schools, paths, kata, ancestors, and more.
  • Heritage tables to develop more interesting backgrounds for PCs and NPCs. Learn the deeds, and misdeeds, of your forefathers and how those affect your character’s life.
  • Details on all the small vassal families that serve and support the Great Clans, without which they could barely operate, although they may be loathe to admit it.

The Great Clans will give players and GMs many more tools to make their journey through the Emerald Empire robust and exciting.

Draw your blade and join the fight for Rokugan.

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