The Crab lands have fallen, and the Scorpion lands are besieged. The Empire’s war with the Destroyers approaches its final, feverish days. When the dawn finally breaks, and the war is concluded, will the sun rise upon the Emerald Empire, or only upon a suffering ruin once known as Rokugan?

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Before the Dawn previews will begin on Friday, April 1st. Before the Dawn will be released from distributors on May 9th, becoming tournament legal on June 8th. Also be sure to check Clan fan sites and the L5R Facebook Group for more previews.

Yoritomo Singh No Time for Games
Visage of the Orochi Never Enough Soldiers
Utaku Tairu Mirumoto Yozo
The Red Hunger Kakita Munemori
Strength of the Mountain Kaiu Iemasa
Stone-Hewed Shrine Hunger
Stolen Merchandise Forging Destiny
Sly Deceiver Firm Censure
Shosuro Toson Favors
Shiba Jouta Drawing on the Mountain
Shadow Tactics Daigotsu Yajinden
Seaside Bazaar Crimson Shadow Armor
Scars of War Brothers in Battle
Saibankan’s Justice Akodo Kobi
Revenge A Gentle Word

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