Honor. Loyalty. Duty.

Click for Preview!Origins AwardThree vows that mean everything to a samurai. To break any one is a sin deserving of death. To break all three is an affront to everything a samurai stands for; yet at times only sacrifice can mean victory.

The assassination of a Crab Clan leader is the first in a web of events that sets the noble Imperial Magistrate Seppun Tashime on a journey through the Emerald Empire. As his investigations unfold, the true, horrifying scope of what he must face becomes apparent. Thrust into conflict with an ancient evil, will Tashime and his comrades from the Great Clans stave off disaster, or will his actions imperil the Empire even further?

Death at Koten is the first graphic novel set in the epic Legend of the Five Rings storyline. A multiple award-winning game, Legend of the Five Rings tells the story of the Emerald Empire, where Great Clans vie against each other for control, while the denizens of the Shadowlands wait for any sign of weakness.

Samurai drama meets fantasy in a storyline that lives in the imaginations of thousands across the world.

ISBN 978-1-59472-050-5
152 Pages, Soft Cover, General Audience
In Comic, Game, and Book Stores April 2009

Death at Koten Direct-to-Player Set

Death at Koten is also releasing as a direct to player set which includes the graphic novel with an alternate version of the cover, and a 100 card set of cards based on the events in the story! These cards are fully Celestial Edition legal and will add to your decks through the arc. Anyone who orders the set before April 15 will also be able to vote in a special story-line poll that will affect the lives of the survivors of the Death at Koten story and immerse them deeply into the story of Celestial Edition.

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Card Previews
Card Previews will continue for several weeks. However, to avoid spoiling the story we will not preview the entire set before release.

Seppun Tashime, Imperial Magistrate Fatal Error Akodo Tsudoken Desperate Battle Forward Camp Suikotsu Tamori Shaiko

Doji Kishio Yasuki Tijaki Defensive Nature Asako Fosu Shinjo Ji Tae The Yoritomo Iwata

Crippling Strike Chugo Seido Unleashed Fury Hida Hachimoto Kakita Aichiko Seppun Blade Yogo Kazunori

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