Twenty five years after the conclusion of the Destroyer War, the Emerald Empire of Rokugan is much changed. The devastation from a generation of wars left the Empire in need of resources, and so the Empress gave the command to push forward into the ruined Ivory Kingdoms, now the Colonies, for that which Rokugan needed. Now, a generation later, the Great Clans chafe at decades of peace and squabble with one another over issues of power and prestige. In the Colonies, they have the opportunity to face one another over resources and secrets long forgotten, even as the Empire faces a mysterious enemy in the Dark Naga and his forces. It is a time of competition, a time of confusion, and a time of conquest.

Which clan shall seize the power offered by the Colonies? Which clan shall become the greatest servants of the Empress? And which clans will be seduced by dark powers long hidden in the ruins of a gaijin kingdom?

Welcome to Emperor Edition.

Emperor Edition previews will begin on Monday, October 31st and continue until December 14th. Also be sure to check Clan fan sites and the L5R Facebook Group everyday for more previews!

Disgrace Governor’s Court Gold and Steel
Introspection Shrine to Hachiman Rend the Soul
Outriders Moneylender Veteran Skirmishers
Footsteps of Madness A Forefather’s Vengeance Sneak Attack
Falling Rain Dojo Imperial Gift Hidden Defenses
Focus Otomo Demiyah Sacrifice of Pawns
Stalking Tiger Benefices of the Emperor Reserve Weapon
Flooded Pass At Any Cost Solid Defense
Prosperous Village Meeting the Keepers Oyo’s Second Lesson
Feign Death Qalyar The Empress’ Address
Conflagration Mysterious Deaths Rumors Travel
Bend Like a Reed Duel of Serpents Twist of Fate
Rugashi Bazaar Plans Within Plans Sanctioned Duel
Bad Kharma Yung The Power of a Word
Warded Paths Remember Your Ancestors The Power of One


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