For millennia, the serpent race known as the Naga resided in the Great Sleep. Upon the return of Fu Leng, or “The Foul” as he was known to them, the Naga awoke to find a world populated by the warm blooded “humans”. Despite eventually forging an alliance and later returning to the Great Sleep, the Naga race was forever changed by this contact. Most notably the birth of Akasha from the Golden Pearl.

Yet that was not the only pearl that would birth a child of the Naga. The Black Pearl has opened, and it has brought destruction with it.

Forgotten Legacy returns the great race of the Naga to the stage of Legend of the Five Rings. Yet it is a darker side, a side bent on domination of the world it sees as its own. The previously banished Naga abominations rally behind the new force, and as the Clans spread the banner of the Emerald Empire outside the borders of Rokugan, conflict is unavoidable.

Featuring 90 all-new cards (3 of each non-unique, 1 of each unique), Forgotten Legacy is a ground-breaking new direct-to-player set for Legend of the Five Rings, that released in July 2011.

Check back daily for new card previews and please stay tuned for exciting information as to the content of the set beyond just the amazing cards.

Forgotten Legacy Special #1: Bonus Fiction – Dreams of Darkness

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Forgotten Legacy Special #3: 1 Free Year Imperial Assembly Membership and a Storyline Vote (pre-order only)

Forgotten Legacy Special #4: Deck Dividers

Forgotten Legacy Special #5: Story Book

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Download the Forgotten Legacy PDF (not tournament legal)!


The Shakash The Second City Siege Volley
The Sleepless One Grateful Reward Honor Never Falls
The Vengeful Cast Aside the Weak Sundering Strike
Pearl of Rage Ryoshun’s Guidance The Perfect Moment
Pearls & Spirits Hunter of Harmony Iuchi Abodan
Ageless Shrine Steadfast Defense Utaku Ji-Yun
The Dark Naga Colonial Harbor Heart of Darkness
The Forgotten Temple Cursed Relic Pearl of Embers
Toritaka Chokichi Never Beyond my Reach Daigotsu Murota
Hida Fubatsu Duel of Haiku Ninube Shiho
Black Pearl Accidental Confession Bayushi Toshimo
Daidoji Takichi Assault in the Jungle Shosuro Makiko
Doji Hakuseki Scourge of the Sea Intimidation
Mirumoto Kojinrue Feint & Strike Asako Karachu
Togashi Osawa Creating Order Shiba Sawaken
A Game of Dice Fruitless Search Moshi Sasako
Matsu Koyama Willing Spirits Tsuruchi Nobukatsu
Akodo Tsudoken Oblivious Sword for Hire
Yoritomo Haruhiko A Yojimbo’s Duty Ikoma Tsukasa
Kitsune Hisano Petty Squabbles Kitsu Kagako
Broken Alliance Economic Repercussions Kitsuki Nubane
Asako Kaitoko Burning Dreams Tamori Kazushige
Asako Chukage Thunder’s Wrath Wanted for Questioning
Bayushi Higaonna Wind of the Moon Asahina Shigemitsu
Shosuro Aroru Consideration Doji Rengetsu
The Mountain’s Power Asset Denial Hiruma Nikaru
Yamazaki Entrenched Position Yasuki Daiki
Daigotsu Gyoken Gripped by Terror Returning Home
Shinjo Junpei Rise of the Dark Naga Border Keep
Moto Xiao Seeking the Truth Bamboo Harvester


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[tabs tab1=”Product Info” tab2=”Game Art”] [tab]Release Date: July 8, 2011

  • 90 cards (uniques in 1 copy, non-uniques in 3)
  • 6 deck dividers
  • 1 storyline scroll
  • 1 story book
  • 1 certificate of authenticity
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