The Legend of the Five Rings CCG is unlike any other collectible card game you may have played because you control the story! For nearly 20 years, players of the L5R CCG have been making important story decisions through their participation in events and contests. While the Story Team of L5R builds the framework of the game, it is up to you, the player, as to how the characters of Rokugan succeed or fail.

During Ivory Edition, the Legend of the Five Rings Story Team will provide the L5R fanbase with multiple opportunities for meaningful, engaging interaction with the ongoing storyline. These interactions will be organized into three seasons: the Kotei Season, the Convention Season, and the Winter Court Season. In each of these divisions, it is the intent of the Story Team to provide to members of the fanbase opportunities for the following:

  • Vote on matters of great concern to the fans as a whole, rather than simply limiting all matter of great importance to tournament winners.
  • Participate in tournaments where the winners have unique and involved opportunities to affect the primary storyline, through personal choices and through interaction with the Story Team concerning his or her wishes with regards to the specific prize.
  • Accomplish direct impact on the story through tournament involvement other than winning, through attendance or top of clan opportunities unique to each individual event.

If you’re ready to begin your interaction with the world of the Legend of the Five Rings, check out the Events Calendar to find the next event close to you!

Interact as a Customer

Submitted by John Seals

Submitted by John Seals

Alderac appreciates the interest and zeal of the players of Legend of the Five Rings. One a person purchases a starter deck and enters the world of Rokugan, they are more than just a consumer; they become a part of a larger world of players who have influenced the design of the game for nearly two decades.

All customers may submit their card ideas to L5R’s Design Team. Each submission will be reviewed in a timely manner. Though not all submissions will make it into card form, some will. You can fill out this form, found at The Game > Card Interaction > Card Submissions, to submit your card directly to the Design Team.

The card pictured at right is just one of many cards that were thought of by the players of the game.

Interact as a Member of a Community

Purchasing L5R makes you more than a customer. It makes you part of a community, one that has time and time again reached out to assist those in dire need.

By being involved in the L5R community (mainly through the Imperial Assembly), you will get multiple chances to affect the game as a whole. In L5R, dedication comes in many forms, one of which is obviously the proficiency at playing cards. But that is not all: craftsmanship (for costumes), local community building (through the Stronghold Store program) or even simple knowledge of Rokugan are all avenues through which you can have a say in the future of the Emerald Empire.

 In L5R, tournaments are a means to meet other persons who share a common interest in the game and while card play is rewarded, so is non card play in the form of contests (costumes, banners, quiz) all of which lets the winner alter the world of Rokugan in some way. Sometimes, attendees of special events even get the opportunity to decide the overall direction their respective Clan will be taking (for instance by declaring war onto another Clan), as opposed to altering the fate of one specific character.

Interact as a Competitive Player

Finally, you can change destinies and turn basic personalities into heroes thanks to your adept play of the game as L5R revolves around Storyline Events.

All year long, and around the world, special tournaments are being run at stores or during special events. The prize of those tournaments –besides product – is the opportunity to change the fate of a personality from the Clan you played at the tournament. You can make him become a general for your clan, a hero of a war or even the Emperor if such a prize is offered!

Tournaments are tiered based on their importance throughout the year and the more important the tournament is, the better the prize will be – and it even can include naming a personality and having your name written on the side of the card (see below), forever making you part of the game.

TheSorrowOriole Imperial VanguardTsujikensCoin

Join the L5R community and get ready to etch your name in the history of the game!

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