In the late winter of 1172, the second year of the reign of Empress Iweko I, the Empire of Rokugan will become mired in the terrible conflict known as the Plague War. With a mysterious plague of unknown origin ravaging the countryside and war on two fronts, the Empire is besieged as perhaps never before. The plague leaves in its wake not only death and devastation, but legions of undead returned to a horrible, blasphemous semblance of life by its terrible touch. Taken by itself, this would be among the most insidious threats the Empire has ever faced, one in which those who are loyal and honorable men can be taken from the service of their clan and Empress and turned against their brothers with no control over their own actions. Unfortunately, the plague itself is far from the only threat facing Rokugan.

In the southern provinces, the great Carpenter Wall has been overrun by a seemingly endless series of iron-clad enemies of apparent gaijin origin. Known only as the Destroyers, these enigmatic individuals are led by bestial demons of a type never before seen in the Shadowlands. Led by a seemingly indestructible rakshasa and lorded over by a horned nightmare that may be a god made flesh. In the north, the second Army of Fire descends from the steppes to infiltrate the Northern Wall Mountains and lay siege to the holdings of the Dragon, Phoenix, Badger, and Ox clans. Smaller, deadlier, and more cunning than before, the Dark Oracle of Fire’s minions use guile and tactics where before they used only brute force and relentless assault.

The convergence of these three threats at one time can be no coincidence, and many in the Empire suspect a common origin for them. Some believe that the dark god of the Destroyer Horde is responsible, while others blame the Dark Oracle of Fire or the mysterious figure known only as the Ebon Daughter. Whatever the origin of the threats, however, one thing is clear: the Great Clans dare not ignore any of the threats potentially facing them at this crucial point in the reign of the Iweko Dynasty.

During the Plague War, the lords and generals of the Great Clans will be faced with threats that can arise seemingly from nowhere, striking deep into the heart of their lands and soul and then fade into nothing. As threats and crises arise, the lords of the clans will be forced to assess the threats against them and respond accordingly, hoping against hope that they can extinguish one fire before another arises to consume them.

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