The L5R Brand Team is dedicated to making Legend of the Rings products that are exciting, interactive, and fun for everyone. Below is a list of the team members, their roles and responsibilities, and a face for you to put with the name.

  • David Laderoute
    David Laderoute L5R Brand Lead

    Dave, who hails from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, brings almost 17 years of experience with L5R to the team. He played “the bad guys”–the Shadowlands Horde and the Dark Path of Shadow–through Jade Edition, and has played every Clan at one time or another since. He is also an avid role playing gamer, and not only plays the L5R RPG but is a freelance writer for it. To date, he’s contributed chapters to all of the L5R 4th Edition RPG books except for two. His writing extends beyond gaming, though; he is a published fiction writer whose debut novel, a young adult fantasy entitled “Out of Time”, was short-listed for the 2013 round of the premier Canadian award for speculative fiction, the Prix Aurora Awards.

    As Editor of the Imperial Herald, Dave is responsible for maintaining the Imperial Assembly website whose paid, subscriber-only content constitutes the new incarnation of the Imperial Herald. He is keen to solicit articles from you, the fans and players, so don’t hestitate to contact him at if you have an idea for a submission.

  • Bryan Reese
    Bryan Reese L5R Lead Designer

    Bryan comes from Sacramento, California, also known as the “Land Without Water.” He discovered L5R in Imperial Edition and has not let go ever since. Originally starting out as a die hard Unicorn player, Bryan branched out into playing all Clans starting with Gold Edition. If he were to identify with one Clan though, it would likely be the Scorpion, with Dragon coming in second place.

    After several successful tournaments, Bryan retired from competitive play in 2006 when he joined the Player Design Team (PDT.) One year later, he took over as Lead Designer, part way through Samurai Edition, and has been at the helm ever since. There is an old cliche, but it is absolutely true, and Bryan never realized it until it applied to him – Love what you do, and you never work a day in your life.

  • Shawn Carman
    Shawn Carman L5R Story Lead

    Born within sight of the Gulf of Mexico and never venturing north of the Mason-Dixon Line except for business purposes, Shawn makes his home in the flawless expanses of southeastern Tennessee, where he inflicts his malevolence upon you via the world-wide web. He has been working on L5R in some capacity or another since 1999 and assumed the role of Story Team Lead in 2005. He has worked as a freelancer for other companies and role-playing games, including Green Ronin’s Mutants & Masterminds, West End Games’ D6 Space and D6 Adventure, and Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and Star Wars: Age of Rebellion properties. He also publishes his own game, Thunderscape, as part of Kyoudai Games. But, Legend of the Five Rings will always be his first true love.

    As the Story Team Lead, Shawn is responsible for supervising any and all writers who work on fiction for the L5R brand. He is responsible for the fictions that appear on the website, the fiction from the rulesheets that come with each expansion, the flavor text that appears on all L5R cards, the tournaments that determine how fans can impact the L5R storyline, and a myriad of other Herculean burdens that mortal minds are not quite ready to hear just yet.

  • Adrian Burton
    Adrian Burton L5R Art Director

    Adrian currently lives nestled up against the Rocky Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. Born in Toronto, Canada, and raised in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, he has never had a dull life. Adrian first saw L5R as a single card, Otaku Kamoko. Wanting to know more about the samurai game he went to the mall and lived there for several years. Starting out as a Unicorn player during Anvil of Despair, his loyalties shifted quickly to the Mantis when Crimson and Jade came out. Currently, Adrian attends the University of Utah in a Search and Rescue Emergency Medicine program. In what little spare time he has, he volunteers at the Salt Lake Chapter of the American Red Cross and going to Real SL soccer games.

    Coming on as co-director with Steve Argyle in 2011, he eventually just started doing the bulk of the job as he had far more free time than Steve. As Art Director for the game, Adrian brings his long experience with both the L5R CCG and the RPG and years of obsessively watching Akira Kurosawa films to his job. He usually describes his job as “telling very talented artists to draw magical samurai.”

  • Dan Dineen
    Dan Dineen L5R Major Events Manager

    A native of Upstate New York, Dan came to the team with more than 20 years of gaming experience, with over 16 of those focused on L5R as his primary gaming love. He first picked up L5R during The Clan War Arc, and has been an avid player ever since. He’s been heavily involved in the L5R Tournament scene as a competitive player since 2000, having three Kotei victories, made numerous cuts at major tournaments and Top 8ing at GenCon twice. He’s also built competitive decks for almost every faction in L5R. Though his primary faction has always been the Mantis Clan and he is completely obsessed with the Kolat.

    In the role of Major Events Manager for L5R, Dan strives to bring the players of L5R the best tournament experiences possible. This includes continued refinement of the Floor Rules, selection of Tournament Organizers who run the events, and working with the Story Team to place exciting choices directly in the players hands. If you have inquires pertaining to events, how they were run, Floor Rules questions, or even ideas on how to improve events for the L5R community as a whole, you can reach Dan at

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