Legend of the Five Rings is a rewarding game, with its share of intricacies. As such, we suggest that you take a measured approach in learning the game, depending on your access to resources and/or people to play with.

Once you have understood the game’s basics as outlined below, you can learn the game in earnest by playing it thanks to either our Learn to Play Set or a demo game at a local store. Here are a couple of videos which will walk you through the game.

Learn to Play Set: A Matter of Honor

You can discover the game in Ivory Edition thanks to the Learn to Play Set, A Matter of Honor. This product, specifically created for newcomers (or returning players) features:

  • 2 ready to play Military decks for the Crab and the Lion Clan, featuring only Ivory-legal cards
  • 4 Ivory legal boosters to improve your deck and begin your path on the unique collectible card game experience
  • 1 16-pages story booklet allowing you to immerse yourself into the Emerald Empire of Rokugan
  • 1 fully illustrated and comprehensive rulebook, including a play-through of your first game of Legend of the Five Rings

Visit the product page for more information!


Another good way of learning the game is to visit one of our Stronghold Stores and ask for a demo of the game there. You will then be able to be taught, in person, Legend of the five Rings and see which of the 9 Clans fits your playstyle the best, as well as get in immediate contact with enthusiastic members of our community.

Visit our Store finder to find the nearest Stronghold Store to your home, or visit our Demo calendar to see any planned demonstration in your area!

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