The story interaction aspect of the game has always been a sort of continuum, and it has swung back and forth over different arcs with different degrees of success. How are we going to ensure that you, the players, have ample opportunities to impact the storyline in a meaningful manner during this arc?

First and foremost, the storyline tournament are the single most definitive means of interacting with and influencing the Legend of the Five Rings storyline. In arcs prior to Ivory Edition, we have been guilty of overly proliferating the storyline tournament to the point that it becomes largely meaningless. The goal, of course, was to allow more people to experience the opportunity to impact the story, but ultimately it simply cheapened the impact of individual tournaments, and that is something that we wish to avoid at all costs. Toward that end, we will be moving toward fewer tournaments that have a greater impact. In the interests of accomplishing this, we have structured story prizes along a system of tiers, with tier three representing individual, localized tournaments (such as last season’s Resolutions series, for instance), and scaling up toward tier one, which are the major events like GenCon, the European Championships, and even the cumulative Kotei effects. Tier one events will be limited to one per quarter, with tier two and three events occurring somewhat more frequently (although still less frequently than in recent years).

In addition to the tournaments themselves, some of the tiered events will take place through different opportunities that will allow more than just a handful of tournament attendees to affect the storyline. Votes among the clan memberships of the Imperial Assembly, contests at various forums, honor contests and other, as yet unrevealed means of allowing broader impact are structured to allow every fan an opportunity to affect the storyline in one form or another. While these events may not have the magnitude and depth that tier one storyline tournaments have, they should still allow everyone to feel that they have the opportunity to impact the storyline if that’s what they choose to do. We all love Rokugan, so we should all have a say in how it develops.

There have been many occasions in the past when the Story Team has had no alternative but to deny certain choices made by tournament winners. We really don’t want to do this. We know some of you might think otherwise, but we do want you to have as much say over the prizes as you can. You won, after all. You deserve it. In Ivory Edition, we will give you as much leeway as we possibly can in choosing the prize that you want. We assume that you have reasons for choosing the cards you do, and if there’s a way that we can allow it, we will. In the event that we cannot use whatever choice you have made (Chiisai the elephant is not taking the throne), then hopefully we can work closely with you to find a solution that you feel happy with. In Ivory Edition, no winner should walk away from a tournament discouraged about what they were able to choose.

We think we have some great things in story for you this arc, and want you to be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

You are the Hero, the Choice is Yours!

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