With the political situation in the Empire degenerating, the Great Clans begin to place greater emphasis on their efforts in the Colonies. Previously given great freedom to pursue their own agendas, will the samurai of the Colonies rise to the challenge or chafe beneath the scrutiny?

The Shadow’s Embrace is the first ever Factory Set for the fan-favorite Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game from AEG. It is part of the Emperor Edition Arc, whose base set released in February 2012. Faced with tremendous opportunity and far from the eyes of the Empress and her direct rule, the Great Clans of Rokugan get entangled in a fight for new lands and a new balance of power. But what if all of it was orchestrated?

  • Featuring Crab, Crane and Phoenix Clan Strongholds and Celestial Swords.
  • 159 total new cards legal for the Emperor Arc
  • Fantastic art from renowned artists in the industry, such as Steve Argyle, Mario Wibisono and William O’Connor, bringing characters to life both in the traditional Rokugan and the more exotic Colonies.
  • Launches the conflict between the Great Clans over dominance in the Colonies, one that will undoubtedly have ripple effects over the entire Empire.


The Shadow’s Embrace Preview cycle will start on Monday, May 28 and will run for 21 consecutive days! The expansion will then be on sale through the AEG Online Store starting June 18 and will become tournament legal 30 days after its shipping date of July 16, 2012. Be sure to check Clan fansites and the L5R Facebook for more previews!

Unfortunate Hesitation Duel to First Blood Discovering the Temple
The Moon’s Imperative Fortress of Lidless Eye Grief
Yari of Air Thuggish Techniques Atosa
Defensive Grill The Sun’s Aspiration Sudden Movement
Star Crossed Lovers Forged Documents Clearing Crew
Unexpected Blood of the Preserver Power of the Night
Nikutai Theological Indecision Shinobi Assault


Now Available!

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159 cards

Factory Set

  • 1 Strategy Set
  • 9 Clan Packs
  • 1 exclusive promotional card: Gakku
  • Dividers by Card Type

Strategy Set

  • Playset of all the non Clan specific cards (268 cards total)

Clan Packs

  • Playset of Personalities of the Clan (1 copy of uniques, 3 copies of non Uniques)
  • 1 ‘Glory of’ card (for Redemption purposes)
  • Stronghold (only for Crab, Crane and Phoenix Clan Packs)
  • Celestial Sword (only for Crab, Crane and Phoenix Clan Packs)
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Online Sales Date: June 18, 2012
Shipping Date: July 16, 2012

Factory Set

  • SKU: AEG 16150
  • MSRP: $200
  • Contains a playset of all the cards from the expansion (Strategy Set + all 9 Clan Packs)
  • Serves as storage for 3000 cards
  • Comes with dividers to organize your collection of cards by type
  • Receive a copy of Gakku, the devourer of gods for free

Strategy Set

  • SKU: AEG 16151
  • MSRP: $140
  • Contains a playset of all the non Clan specific cards in the expansion
  • Sold with one free Clan Pack of your choice

Clan Packs

  • SKU: AEG 16152
  • MSRP: $10
  • Contains a playset of all the Personalities from the Clan in the expansion, plus a ‘Glory of’ card for that Clan
  • For Crab, Crane and Phoenix, also contains a Stronghold and a Celestial Sword
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